Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Rendezvous with Oumuamua

I suppose I have to write something, but in my own typical style of course. 
No point in turning back now.

"When the Jews return to Zion (see Trump)...and a comet rips the sky"
Oh look - it's Rama
Initially assumed to be a comet, it was reclassified as an asteroid a week later, then the first of a new class of interstellar objects.
It was discovered by Robert Weryk using the Pan-STARRS telescope on 19 October 2017, 40 days after it passed its closest point to the Sun. When first seen, it was about 33,000,000 km (21,000,000 mi; 0.22 AU) from Earth (about 85 times as far away as the Moon), and already heading away from the Sun.

The "Rama" of the book title is an alien starship, initially mistaken for an asteroid categorised as "31/439".
It is detected by astronomers in the year 2131 while it is still outside the orbit of Jupiter.
They were calling it "Rama"? I'd never have guessed! Rama (Ram/Ramesses/SETI, Egyptian)
A.M. "Sept 11" fireballs and island sinking. Manhattan is an island.

Oh look, Rama Clarke and his Sept 11th (2001) - Hilton 'ground zero' 2001 Monolith.
The Kubrick/Clarke 2001 monolith was originally a black pyramid.
Oumuamua/Rama - discovered by PAN-STARSS. Sodomy Pan and (ass-teroid) starrs.
Note, I have never believed in the "official 9/11 orthodoxy" - not even for a single day. I knew it was BS, & from the beginning.

2001 Hermetic PAN-AM via the ARIES (Ram) Moon Lander
The gripping sphinx (sphincter) hole via faggy robots, rainbow star-gate probing, a Greek Homer-erotic Odyssey, and moon (ass).

Oh look, PAN and OUMUAMUA. Oh look, PAN and RAMA.
Odyssey Greeking, Sodomy demon, Pan and his (phallic) pipes. Clarke was homosexual.
"Deep Impact" was based on the ideas in this book, with "worm-holing" Freeman. A suggestive sounding title imo.

Oumuamua. The name comes from Hawaiian ʻou.mua.mua, meaning "scout".
From ʻou, meaning "reach out for", and mua, reduplicated for emphasis​, meaning "first, in advance of" -
and reflects the way this object is like a scout or messenger sent from the distant past to reach out to us.

So Oumuamua - is literally the SAME as the (Sept 11) Rama "RENDEZVOUS" reference then!
A type of 'sentinel'. "Sentinel" being the BBC Clarke short story that was developed into monolith 2001.

Arthur C "global geostationary communications satellites" Clarke. A la Murdoch/Fox/Sky, a former friend of Clarke.
BBC linked Rama Clarke (see The Sentinel). The BBC broadcast the news of the WTC 7 building collapse and before it happened.
The 2001 series monoliths are radio/magnetic communicating sentinel/machines.
Murdoch's Fox (Anubis) linked to Zionist 9/11 Milchan. That Fox "Lone 9/11 Gunmen" (spin-off) pilot is the stuff of legend.
An estimated 13.2 million Fox TV viewers watched The Lone Gunmen (remote hi-jacked plane) episode 16+ years ago.
Aussie viewers watched the dramatic scenes of this Boeing 727 passenger plane hurtling towards -
the World Trade Centre, and just 13 days before 9/11. The pilot eps. was likely scripted with CIA/Pentagon involvement.
David "BBC and Gatekeeper" Icke made an entire career off the back of ideas from Childhood's End!
Gay Clarke. Positing entire planetary (programming) coverage of earth in 1945!
The Clarke Belt is the GEO global satellite radio telecommunications belt/orbit.
Terminator "9/11" 2 - not a Fox film, but Fox are involved in the international distribution of the July 2019 Terminator 6 film.
"Tech Noir" - Lucifer Clarke's first law: "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Peter "Stay 666 TV Channels Tuned" Hyams' version of Lucifer Clarke's "2010" - sequel to 2001.
2010 had a "giant radio/magnetic monolith". A giant monolith that was actually linked to an emergency TV broadcast on earth!
Not forgetting the "giant monolith" (hotel) at Ground Zero, Manhattan, NY. (Atomic/Nuclear Kubrick's 2001).
There's something odd about watching the WTC 1 struck/on fire (via TV) & it also concurrently being the NY TV broadcast hub!
The WTC 1 North Tower with its transmitters & 360ft mast - Radio Frequency - MSM/TV broadcast antenna.
Evoking the end of Carpenter's "They Live" - destroying the alien elite's TV broadcasting tower "antenna" control signal.
The World Trade Center, Twin Towers were perhaps the ultimate symbol of "corporate America".

Don't it just! Says 'Back to the Atomic 9/11 Future', Bum - aka George Buck 'Escape from NY/They Live' Flower.

Carpenter's "Escape from New York" has Plissken 'glider-plane' onto the same 'broadcasting' North Tower! Infiltrating the NY 'maximum security prison' (metaphor). Fox are lined-up for an "EFNY" remake. In The (Apocalyptic) Mouth of Madness/Christine.
Carpenter's ITMOM - with Sam "Omen, Damien Thorn" Neill. Bending reality via media, the radio leads to Hobb's End.
RADIO (active) 91.1 & 9/11 - John "They 'elite TV mind control' Live" & "Escape from 'Twin Tower' New York'" Carpenter.
Hallowe'en 3 - Witchy TV Mass Mind Control - Mtn. Time 9:11 - Radio-active 'ground zero' New Mexico time. Santa "H'ween 3" Mira.
Kevin 'Body Snatchers/Santa Mira' McCarthy, died 11 Sept 2010, & had a "witchyTues. 11 Sept (1864) reference in Twilight Zone.
All three Carpenter "911 type" instances (if we want to call them that) relate to broadcasting.
In The Mouth of (91.1) Madness's - Simon (von Homburg) was in Die "911/Tower" Hard, & Ghost "911/Twin Tower" Busters 2!
Blowing the roof off "MSM broadcasting tower" - "20th Century (Sky-net) Fox HQ" - via Die '911/Tower/Terrorist' Hard

L.A. via New York, Die Hard "jet plane" intro: "I've been doing this for 9 years." Willis: "Trust me. I've been doing this for 11 years."
Fox's "20th Century Plaza Tower/Buildings" featured in the close of (Fox's) Fight "Ground Zero/collapsing Twin Towers" Club.
The destruction of the "corporate ideal and corporate control" via Ground Zero.

The Manhattan "Ground Zero" Project (Tower Project Mayhem). Fox, and "Med-USA (911 Struck Tower) Touch", Milchan.
1996 Playstation - Die "game over Twin Towers" Hard Trilogy game. Fox Interactive.
The subliminals for the Die Hard sequel films are (multiply) posted elsewhere in this blog. NY Vengeance is very resonant.

They 'elite media' Live was "executive produced" by Andre "home video Godfather via Fox" Blay - he worked for Fox, after Magnetic.
Blay also did the same on Carpenter's 'Prince of Darkness' (aka Satan) a la The Omen.
I understand that WTC 1 isn't a national/global broadcast antenna, it's the symbolism and occasion that's key.

The 360ft antenna was added in 1978. The same year as Fox's unveiling of Thorn Industries via Omen 2.
Blay's "Magnetic Video" (1977, via Fox) put the very first feature films onto consumer use videotapes, the birth of home video.
Blay's Magnetic released Fox's 'Omen' (76), & "corporate multi-national" 'Damien (Thorn): Omen 2' (78) on magnetic video.
'They Live' Blay's - Magnetic (Omen, Corporate) Thorns. EMI - "Electro-Magnetic Interference" - aka radio-frequency interference.

See previous post - for more on these "birth of (electro-magnetic) video" companies and the overlaps.
Lee "Med-USA 9/11 Struck Tower Touch" Remick as Mrs Thorn, the adoptive mother.
666 - Fox/Jackal-Anubis - aka actual mother of Anti-Christ Thorn. The radio/electro-magnetic broadcasting thorn (antenna).
Fox (Michael J) was linked to a struck electro-antenna Tower in the Back to the '911' Future series.
Ultra-Magnetic - magnetically warped "New York, Twin Towers & Antenna" - 1996 release from this hip-hop act.

Def Jam/American released both Jay Z's "The Blueprint" & satanic Slayer's "God Hates Us All" on Sept 11 2001.
Terror, 911 and Babylon via Public Enemy. Babel/Babylon Towers and the Omen whore of Babylon.
Fox/Murdoch's "The Simpsons" also contains '911 & Twin Towers' subliminals - also see comments (Uncle Bingo).

Talking of "9/11 Tower" TV satellite broadcasting & Skynet (Fox) Terror...
"9/11 broadcasting" and via Clamp/Trump Tower Trade Center. Murdoch's FOX and Fox's Eric "9/11 broadcasting" Shawn.
Gremlins (Apocalypse) 2 - 'Twin Towers' shown in the titles. There was a 9/11 radio in the original film.
Warner Bros. 9/11 predictive programming (via Dante) - with follow-up 9/11 reinforcement via Fox & on the day itself.

Sega's Global 'struck Twin Towers' Defense (1987)
NES system Tetrastar (1991). Twin Towers destroyed, with a 'nuclear' reference. Note, all buildings can get destroyed in gameplay.
Micro "Jet Simulator - Twin Towers" Soft. Eliminate the WTC via the 2000 patch.
Microsoft are linked to Atomic/Nuclear/Radioactive "Trinity" via nearby Albuquerque, NM (about 250 miles).

Recall that the "USS Indianapolis" was found several months ago - via (New Mexico linked) Paul 'Octopus' Allen/Alien.
The "Ground Zero, Atomic/RadioactiveManhattan Project, Trinity/Little Boy, bomb resonant sunken vessel - linked to sharks.
Linked to Paul 'Microsoft' Allen. 2010 Contact, Floyd, was played by Jaws' Roy "radio-activeUSS Indianapolis linked" Scheider.

It's 'Indianapolis' Scheider that goes to the 'radio' VLA (New Mexico) in "2010: Contact" (film) at the opening.
This same 'doubly radio-active' VLA is also seen in Contact (Sagan/Zemeckis) opening scenes - the alien "wow signal".
Roswell disc, or as the authorities called it - a nuclear test surveillance balloon from Project Mogul (wink, wink).
Alien/Allen (a mogul) - "electro-magnetic" - floppy or hard disks/discs? See atomic Indiana(polis) "magnetic Roswell" Jones etc.
Microsoft 'Indianapolis 'Allen's - Altair 'Albuquerque' Basic - the first computer language program for a personal computer.
2010 Contact meets Skynet Comms. via the Radio-telescope VLA, NM. Not far from Trinity atomic/radio-active 'Ground Zero'.
2010 Contact, Hyams had "Terminator 9/11 (Nuclear) Judgment Arnie" in his apocalyptic "End of (666) Days".
Little baby boy, Lucifer/Jupiter "2010 Contact". The film opens via the radio-telescope, VLA, NM.

The same VLA (again) during the opening of the Terminator film (2009), where the Resistance attacks a Skynet base.
The film's universe/timeline: May 21, 2018 - Skynet (near Los Angeles), the VLA is destroyed. Nearly all the resistance are destroyed.
EMI (as RFI, radio frequency interference) is a major issue with radio astronomy. EMP is also an aspect of the film's plot.

(Bale/Bateman to Paul Allen): "Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now, you fuckin' stupid bastard!"
John Conor trying to defeat Skynet and their "mass (machine) control" - which we perhaps might consider metaphorically.
Paul Allen - "Exchange Place(s)", literally. Geddit? You know, like Trading "Twin Tower/911" Places.
Ironically, Paul Allen (Leto) actually thinks Bateman (Bale) is some else too, Marcus Halberstram!
Christ-ian "Terminator, Bat(e)man, John Connor/American Psycho, Paul Allen" Bale. Microsoft's - Paul "USS Indianapolis" Allen.
Manhattan Psycho Project. "I'm into...murders (mergers) and executions (acquisitions), mostly. Did you know I'm utterly insane?"

Disney/Fox merger would see the 6 major studios reduced to 5 - typical further media concentration. Comcast have dropped-out.
Insidious "masonic" Disney.
I think this deal will eventually see Murdoch's son take-over the helm - if the deal sticks, of course.
December 2015 version of Clarke's Childhood's End. It was shown in the UK via Murdoch's Sky.
Revelation: "It was a tribute to the Overlords' psychology, and to their careful years of preparation, that only a few people fainted. Yet there could have been fewer still, anywhere in the world, who did not feel the ancient terror brush for one awful instant against their minds before reason banished it forever. There was no mistake. The leathery wings, the little horns, the barbed tail—all were there. The most terrible of all legends had come to life, out of the unknown past. Yet now it stood smiling, in ebon majesty, with the sunlight gleaming upon its tremendous body, and with a human child resting trustfully on either arm."

"HELL-O." It's Charles "Golden Child, Demonic Overlord, Lavender Lady" Dance.
Who can it be?
 I've almost got it, but can't quite see...
Demonic 'Corporate Illuminati' Overlords/Deceivers. Oh, what a thoroughly predictable. (lol).
All this also needs to be seen and understood in a "symbolic and metaphorical" sense too.

The Tarot Devil - Baphomet/Pan
Cassini, Pan via 'ring lord' Saturn, Oumuamua/Ram-a via Pan (Starrs) - Crowley's sodomite, Hymn (Him) To Pan via Parsons.
Don't forget, Sept 15 2017 saw the Parsons Green "tube pipe bomb" & on the same day Cassini plunged into Saturn (Satan).
The failed Parsons Green terror event that featured ParsonsCrowleyHubbard, and the Scarlet Woman of 666 Revelation.
Plunging through (saturnic/satanic) rings is one of the main hobbies of the elite - if you catch my double meaning.
Pods of radioactive plutonium fuel were the last bits of NASA's probe to burn up in the planet's atmosphere on Sept. 15.

The 2001 novel used Saturn (not Jupiter). Atomic/666 Kubrick had to abandon Saturn (technical difficulties) so used Jupiter instead.
The "black cube" - as we've regularly shown is a key symbol of Saturn. Recall the Judaic (black cube) 'Tefillin' too.
Here's what was going on exactly 16 years after "Manhattan, ground zero, and monolith linked" 9/11/01.
The Greek Odyssey, Titan(s), and the Saturn/Cassini death dive.
Sept. 14 (5:45 p.m. EDT / 2:45 p.m. PDT) -- Cassini turns its antenna to point at Earth, begins a communications link that will continue until end of mission, and sends back its final images and other data collected along the way.

Sept. 15 (4:37 a.m. EDT / 1:37 a.m. PDT) -- The "final plunge" begins. The spacecraft starts a 5-minute roll to position INMS for optimal sampling of the atmosphere, transmitting data in near real time from now to end of mission.

"The end of Cassini's mission will be a poignant moment, but a fitting and very necessary completion of an astonishing journey," said Earl Maize, Cassini project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.
JPL typically linked to the probe. Anti-Christ Parsons - the real catalyst behind the formation of (Cassini linked) JPL.
A 'masonic ridden' NASA, built up by Nazi Von Braun. A contemporary, in Parsons, with his German sourced OTO.
OTO sodomite, Devils Gate, Parsons. Parsons Green, Crowley linked train/tube explosions with "fairy lights" - hmmm.
JPL Halloween, "Babalon/Scarlet Woman/Revelation" Parsons. Interesting date/time overlap (Sept 15) - Cassini & Parsons Geen.

2017 Halloween terror, Manhattan, near the World Trade Center.
Leaving the literal aside - ISIS aka the Illuminati "Egyptian goddess" - aka the daughter of Saturn.

Parsons Green Tube (& the scarlet woman) was Sept. 15. 8:20 am BST (07:20 UTC). Babalon/Mother of Abominations.
Anti-Christ/Rocket Man, Parsons - the "tube-pipe/rocket/missile" sorcerous scientist. Some claim he was linked to Atomic Trinity.
The failed Parsons Green terror event that featured ParsonsCrowleyHubbard, and the Scarlet Woman of 666 Revelation.
We also potentially linked the "green" resonator to Los Alamos, Atomic Trinity "trinitite".
Twin Peaks visited this territory (Parsons/Crowley included) & potentially experimental 'Jumbo' (the latter allegedly linked to Parsons).
Laura the 'scarlet whore'. Episode 10 even made reference to the NY 'glass box' which contained the "nuclear-linked" experiment -
Mother (Mother of Abominations, a la Parsons!). I actually think the NY glass box is a type of reference to the TV set.
Eps 10 - "Laura Is The One" - her creation being linked to the blast. Broadcast exactly 72 years after Atomic/Indianapolis/Trinity!
72 years - just like the timespan for (16 July) Trinity linked Indianapolis that got found - and in the following month!
 It left port within hours of the Trinity blast - with the parts for the Little Boy bomb (Hiroshima etc). Sinking after its mission.

An "Oppenheimer" was linked to Parsons Green - an explosives expert, but allegedly not a relation of Manhattan Project, Bob.
Twin "Atomic Trinity, Ground Zero - birth of evil Bob" Peaks (Jun 25). Linked atomic USS Indianapolis (Aug 18). Plunging plutonium Cassini, & - Parsons Green (both Sept 15). Vega(s) "Luxor/Illuminati black pyramid" mass shooting (Oct 1). Oumuamua/Rama (Oct 19). WTC linked Halloween terror (Oct 31), etc. A very active few months. With President Greg "nuclear" Stillson, erm - I'm mean "nuclear" Trump, along with Rocket Man, North Korea, - & with "nuclear" tensions at their height. This post's all the more resonant.

I find all these converges strange - to say the least! Twin Peaks, and Trump/N Korea have really put it back on the map.
There's a nuclear USS Indianapolis/Little Boy link to Guam. The vessel leaving Guam (for the Philippines) after making delivery/crew change etc, then soon sinking. Recall this year (11 Aug) Trump calling the Pres. of Guam,  regarding nuclear N Korea.
"That Gu(a)m you like is going to comeback in style."
It was widely publicised.  Not forgetting Harry S Truman - both the nuclear 33rd President, and the Twin 'nuclear' Peaks Sheriff!
Jurgen "Das Boot/The Boat" Prochnow was in Beverly Hills '9/11' Cop 2. He was an original Twin Peaks atomic woodsman!
The ship/boat - USS "Little Boy/Trinity Ground Zero/Guam" Indianapolis - sunk after leaving Guam for the Philippines.
Pete "Guam" Martell - while on (military) R&R in Guam. A moon/key box and a mo(o)nkey show. A key that led to a bomb.

I am Jack's complete lack of That's a Peaks link to Indianapolis' departure and it's last port of call!
There's even "wormholes" in Twin Peaks - e.g. one that goes to the "Tower/Ground Zero cinema" fortress.
I'll expand on nuclear Guam/ground zero "Twin Peaks" again soon - I've more very strange linked anomalies etc.

13th Dec 2017
The team of scientists, called Breakthrough Listen, will use the world’s largest directable radio telescope, at Green Bank in West Virginia, to follow it for ten hours. They are listening for electromagnetic signals, no stronger than those emitted by a mobile phone, that cannot be produced by natural celestial bodies.

It's "big banging hairy black holes via time" - Horus Hawking.
(In Hawkings' voice): "Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you..." (see here).
The "Rama" of the book title is an alien starship, initially mistaken for an asteroid. Rama, aka the Hindu 'supreme being'.
A divine, mortal god who transcends both humans and gods

We did Rama and Sept 11th (2077) via time-travel. This is the "11th Sept" Theory of Everything - choo-choo!
The 11th Sept date can be found on the train timetable that Horus 'hairy hole banging' Hawking scribbles his equations on.
Horus "Davros" Hawking played by Eddie "toff" Tranny-mayne. Hawking sodomy as science, literally.
 Recall my recent work on Carl "close turd sodomy contact" Sagan/Nagas (serpent).
 Hail, Sagan/Satan. The probed Naga(s) snake/worm-hole bending space man - via rings and turd contact.
Crowley linked 'Interstellar' (a Sagan/Contact rehash) went wormhole probing via Saturn with "9/11 A Time To Kill", McConaughey.
Lavender "Hi There!" Boy, Sagan and his probing/voyaging groin. "Do what thou wilt shall be the HOLE of the law."
Time-travelling, Robert "mass Future 9/11 programmer/Biffing the Shit" Zemeckis directed the (turd) "Contact" film.
Sagan was linked to the NASA/JPL 'Voyager 1' probe - which was preparing for launch (Sept 77) when work began on Galileo.

Project Lucifer
I began looking at the Jupiter/2010 (reality/film) overlaps back in the early 2000's. My first exposure to this (Project Lucifer) was via (legendary) William M Cooper and his links to Naval Intel. Anyway, 1989 launched Galileo probe (like Cassini/Saturn that followed) was deliberately plunged into the Jovian atmosphere, 21 Sept. 2003. It contained nuclear material - RTG/144 plutonium 238 pellets, 49 1/4 lbs. The Cassini probe carried the same Galileo type plutonium RTG design, but with 73 lbs. Who ultimately knows what effect (short & longterm) these probe payloads have on each planets internal atmosphere?
Are we to view these things in the sense of them also being key symbolic markers? Not forgetting "as above, so below".
The building of Galileo began at (Parsons linked) JPL in 1977.

Post-Galileo Jupiter Plunge. From Sept 21 - fast-forward to 19 October 2003...less than a month later.

What's of great interest and extremely significant is that in the acknowledgements of Clarke's 2010, he alludes to a communication he got from NASAs Dr. Walter Jastrow who openly admitted that his Lucifer Thesis was of great interest to the Agency - with regards to the Galileo Mission which was then a proposed exploration of Jupiter. To be exact. This brilliant concept has been taken seriously, and may provide one of the best motives for the projected Galileo Mission. This was five years before (circa 1984) NASA launched Galileo. Clarke's "2010: Odyssey 2" novel (1982), Hyams' 2010, film version was late 1984.  Galileo, launched on Oct. 18, 1989, (Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-34 mission). Galileo arrived at Jupiter on Dec. 7, 1995, after gravitational assist flybys of Venus and Earth, and became the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter. The "2010" film, has a running-time of 116 minutes.
As we noted, Clarke references '11th Sept 2077' - and an asteroid (explosion) sinking Venice via the -
destruction of Padua/Verona - in his "Rendezvous With Rama" (1973).
Venice linked astronomer, Galileo, was a lecturer at the University of Padua, Verona. Venetian officials gave him a professorship.

Regularly I've mentioned NASA, and the fact that its main function is seemingly performing "space rituals", but disguised as science.

Almost 10 years earlier (before Galileo's late 2003 plunge) – in July, 1994 - & 10 years after Hyams/Clarke's 2010 (Jupiter black spot) film - equally dramatic black markings had suddenly appeared in Jupiter’s atmosphere (below). (Note, the word Rama, in one context - means "dark, dark-coloured, black, soot"). Then, the cause was crystal clear - 21 impacts of a celestial object named “Comet Shoemaker/Levy 9.” It was this same Galileo probe that recorded the actual impact - and which would later share the same fate.
Shoemaker-Levy 9 - Jupiter: 21 impacts and  9.
2003 Gali-LEO plunge was: the 21st & the 9th month (Sept). The date also resonates the Sept' equinox.
Note, the first piece of Shoemaker-Levy 9 struck Jupiter on JULY 16! The "Apollo 11 Moon shot" and "Trinity shot" resonating July 16.
21 impacts over 6 days. That's a strange event 'trilogy' right there - one I've only just become aware of.
All three 'July 16' phenomena were explosive events - the Jupiter impacts by far expending the most energy. The largest impact alone was estimated to have released an energy equivalent to 6,000,000 megatons of TNT (600 times the world's nuclear arsenal).
The Trinity (gadget) having a 'pluto-nium' core lends it planetary/asteroid/comet resonance.

Comet SL-9 was discovered at the Palomar Observatory. Downard/Hoffman contend that OTO initiates engaged in rites there.
Caltech/Pasadena. OTO Parsons was linked to Caltech (as was Shoemaker), and Pasadena where his lodge was based.
Eugene "Caltech" Shoemaker was a possible candidate for an Apollo Moon flight and was set to be the first geologist to walk on the Moon, but was disqualified due to being diagnosed with Addison's disease. He was a CBS News television commentator on the early Apollo missions, especially Apollo 8 & Apollo 11, appearing with Walter Cronkite during live coverage.
The Shoemaker & the Devil (Chekov). Levy or Levi(athan), as in Eliphas "Levi" (Evil)?
Eugene (Shoemaker) - meaning "noble birth/well born" - reflected in 'eugenics'.
 The man who co-founded SL-9 which impacted Jupiter July 16 (1994), was also linked to 16th July (1969) Apollo, and the Moon!
Shoemaker died on July 18, 1997 in a head-on car collision on the remote Tanami Track, northwest of Alice Springs. On July 31, 1999, some of his ashes were carried to the Moon (by probe). He is the only person whose ashes have been buried on any celestial body outside Earth. The fatal crash (while he was crater hunting) had happened soon after comet Hale-Bopp had become visible to the naked eye in the Southern hemisphere. The car crash occurred almost exactly three years after the first fragments of the comet he helped discover had crashed into Jupiter (which began July 16 1994).

Galileo was also the first spacecraft to visit an asteroid (both Gaspra and Ida).
Nuclear/plutonium GaliLEO (patch), slingshot flyby around Jupiter. A bit reminiscent of the LEO-nov (ship) aero-braking into Jupiter in Hyams/Clarke's 2010 film (1984). The Jupiter black spot (below) was replicating monoliths sucking up the planet's gases to achieve density & then nuclear fusion. Recall the Jupiter black spots/markings from SL-9 (July 1994) and Galileo plunge (Sept 2003).

Gali-LEO recorded the SL-9 comet impacts, which began at 20:13 UTC on (Apollo/Nuclear Trinity resonating) July 16 (1994)

2010 film (1984) LEO-nov Jupiter escape boost & the (monolith) black spot. Jupiter also known for its great red spot.
Jupiter in "2010" and "2001" (film) - "Saturn" in the 2001 novel. In the latter it's in conjunction with Saturn's moon "I-ape-tus".
Clarke calls it Jape-tus (jape, to trick/fool/joke) Jape-t-us. 2010 Hyams made Capricorn "space hoax" One.
Kubrick - linked to 'Apollo fakery' released Eyes Wide Shut (16th July 1999) exactly 30 years after the Apollo 11 launch.

(9/11) 2001, 2010 Lucifer Contact, Sept 11th Rama (Oumuamua), Childhood's 'Lucifer Contact' End... 
"Deep Impact" (1998) was heavily based on "11 Sept 2077 - Rendezvous With Rama" - flooded Deep "Twin Towers" Impact.
Rama. The sinking of Venice via asteroids. Deep Impact, with 'worm-holing' Morgan "Se7en/9:11 counter" Freeman.
Released same year as Armageddon, which had a struck/burning WTC. Freeman's been trying to produce a Rama film for years.
"We'll Rendezvous (Meet/Meat) Again"
A flying phallic Rama and a (sexual) Jupiter red spot. "When Jupiter and Saturn meet/meat."
Rama Clarke & Kubrick's 2001:ASO was heavy in respect of (infant) "rebirth" via Jupiter/Saturn.

Jupiter & probing Jumo (Dec. 2017) - Saturn & probing Cassini (Sept. 2017)
Dec 11th 2017. Jupiter probing (and "pregnancy") have done the rounds again - via NASA/JPL
Reitman's Juno - an ancient Roman goddess. Daughter of Saturn (a la Isis) & sister, but also the wife of chief god Jupiter.
The mother of Mars, Vulcan, Bellona and Juventas. Pregnant "Juno" (film) 2007/8, and written by Diablo 'Devilish' Cody.
Juno (goddess) is linked to protection of delivery and birth. Devilish and linked Childhood's End was highly 'birth' resonant.
The "Kindergarten 'childhood' Copping" Reitmans - which was Juno Jason's 3rd film via his father, Ivan.
Juno (birthing), directed by son Jason Reitman, who debuted in his father's "Twins", followed by his Ghostbusters 2.
Juno, from Jason - Ghost "Baby, Demon, & 911 Twin Towers" Busters 2 -- "(embryonic) Twins" -- "Labor Day" Reitman.
Toppling Twins - "Only their mother can tell them apart." Twinned - like binary/twinned-star 'exploded' Jupiter/Lucifer (see 2010).
Who u gonna call? Juno - origin of "June" - the time this year when "Baby Hank/Oscar" (linked to Juno/Busters 2, Jason) departed.
 Vigo who tries to possess Oscar - is 'von Homburg' from "In The Mouth of (91.1) Madness", & Die "911/Tower" Hard.

Aykroyd - A Ghost Trading 'Twin Tower' Places '9 /11 Clock' Buster! With Eddie "Beverly Hills '9/11' Cop 2" Murphy.

It certainly more ways than one! Dan "Busting 911 Trading Tower Places" Aykroyd - and via
superconducting (MSM )Tower antennas (Ghostbusters, only slightly removed from the literal building/narrative).

A superconducting MSM Tower antenna - via a radio-magnetic 2001 monolith at 9/11 (radio-active resonant) 'Ground Zero' NY.

Clarke/Kubrick (9/11) 2001 - Clarke and (asteroid) Rama, via 11th Sept, and Galileo-ville.

Following day - after the MSM Oumuamua/Rama if by magic.
I am (again) Jack's complete and all encompassing lack of surprise. :)

The key to understanding most of this (imo) - is not so much what happens with any of these stories (in the immediate sense), but the fact that they exist in the MSM meme-sphere at all, and that they're promoted.


Let's have an update and check the scoreboard.

Al Franken, Roman Polanski, and Russell Simmons - all of whom I've recently outed as DEGENERATES, and before news broke.

Def "UNCLE TOM" Jam's Simmons and his Khazar shit-hop label (Death Jam) via Khazar Rik Rubin.
It can't help when the REAL boss of Death Jam (Rubin) is a hardcore Khazar/kabbalist satanist.
Simmons = Primarily homosexual. He HATES women, perhaps that's why he abuses them.

Al "sodomite Jew" Franken, of course...another who is primarily homosexual, and another who abuses/humiliates women.
Queerbuster, Reiner sodomy roasting sicko, and Toilet Trading banana bender.

Khazar Polanski's a given, but he's been implicated in further abuse. Hey, no shit!
When you've been involved with Hollywood satanists and sacrificed your wife in exchange for Hollywood fame -
I guess abusing young girls and women is a comparative walk in the park.

Where are all my detractors that claim I've been making this stuff up?
Where's Bride's Azz with his gushing defence of all things Khazar Hollywood?
He really needs help with his "hysterical sheep-like worship" of these degenerates. Bride's Azz? I shit him. :)