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The Girl(s) From Brazil

One of my recent previous posts reminded me of those weird feelings that I've had (over the years)
in relation to Angela Merkel. The feeling being that she could potentially be the spawn of Nazi (Third Reich) Adolf Hitler. Feelings that first arose in 2013. The reason for my suspicions, were first born in the psychology of the 'elite' (who run this planet) and myself pondering the question: If the elite could bring back Hitler or a version of him - would they do it?  I sure you can guess my answer to this self posed was the affirmative. I've assumed that if they 'could', then they 'would', in fact, I thought they most certainly would.

It's all in their psychology and the amusement that is gained from such activity, all while spinning it under the very noses of the people that ultimately vote and support them.  Nose thumbing of the most devious and sickest kind etc.

That's the background.

Netanyahu...yes, he seems to know already. (wink, wink)
What's his other hand doing...pulling the strings?

I did actually verbalize these feelings (re: Merkel/Hitler), at my place of work, only to be vilified and ridiculed. This something that I'm only too familiar with, particularly within the last decade or so.
I also verbalized this 'feeling' through (establishment mouth-piece) The Daily Mail (aka The Daily Fail) comments section, and two of these comments are posted below, both from 2014. I have posted these to demonstrate that this is not some new idea (of mine) and not one that I've suddenly pulled from my ass. 

I've noticed that this 'very idea' (Merkel/Hitler) has gained traction within the last year or so, and with the EU referendum vote now only months away (for UK dwelling people), I thought that now would be the best time to revisit this very issue. I was able to glean some things (in this post) from a thread that was posted on ''.  Redneck and Dagored are to be congratulated on their digging regarding this area, so I have borrowed some things, it certainly made this post easier to form!
Daily Mail, June 2014 (posted by horseloverphat)
Shicklgruber (Hitler's real birth surname)
Bread and Circuses Special...The World Cup. 
Merkel's subjugation of Europe, a work in progress and following in her father's goosesteps?

The on-going 1,000 year Reich...

"The eyes Chico...they never lie"
(left) Merkel, (right) babies

Merkel and Hitler at 38 years old

If you can't see the resemblance via 'The Fuhrer'...try now comparing her to Hitler's Mother?
Try 'unseeing' this image...go on, just try and without resorting to psychotropic drugs!

Old jowl cheeks...which one, you cry?  Both, of course!

Angela, Klara & Adolf (3 peas in a pod)
Merkel & Hitler, both coincidentally have/had an admiration for the works of Wagner.

Angela Merkel was born in the D.D.R., the Communist portion of Germany in 1954. Her biography says she was born on July 17, 1954, and that she is the daughter of a Lutheran minister from an East German-controlled church. Recently, however, Soviet KJB archive files reveal an entirely different story. Stasi GDR files indicate that she was born on April 20th, 1954, and details of her birth were included in the records of the German Dr. Karl Klauberg. Klauberg was one of the Nazi "death doctors" convicted by Soviet courts and imprisoned. When he was later recognized as a brilliant scientist, he was released after seven years and was recognized as the father of artificial insemination.

Dumb ass response number 1:  
"She can't be Hitler's daughter, he died in 1945 and she was born in 1954!"
News of Hitler's death, 'may have' been greatly exaggerated, you understand. It was perhaps a 'useless eaters' news special. Stories of Nazis escaping to South America have done the rounds for decades!  How else would a film like The Boys From Brazil ever come about, it's because it has its basis in reality or a type of reality. (the issue of frozen sperm, also needs to be appreciated, whereby the donor's life or death state, is not even relevant.)

That's where 'The Boys Girls From Brazil' comes in - not that any of this is fantasy, you understand.

Look at Levin's resume...looks like he's been a valuable source for the controllers!
 The combined theme...demonic (artificial) insemination and (mass) mind control

Artificial insemination was first practiced in the late 19th Century (1884). Anyone with even a modicum of history, will know that the Third Reich and Dr Josef Mengele were carrying out these types of biological experiments before, during (and likely after) the war years...cloning, twinning etc.

The Soviets were even more intrigued when they discovered Dr. Klauberg had preserved frozen samples of the sperm of Adolf Hitler. Dr. Klauberg then brought the youngest sister of Eva Braun (Hitler's wife), whose name was Gretl, to Eastern Germany, and the result of the experiment produced not a biological son of Hitler, but rather a daughter. Amazingly, Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889, and Angela Merkel was born on April 20th, 1954. Angela became a custodian of the Catholic Church through its connections with the East German Lutheran Church. Once a German Pope would take the Roman throne, Angela Merkel was to also take her 'potential' biological father's position as German Chancellor. On April 20th, 2005, Joseph Ratzinger gave his first Mass (and speech) as Pope Benedict XVI, (16th), precisely on the 116th birthday of Adolf Hitler, note that Ratzinger (who was a member of Hitler Youth, whether willingly or not) was elected on the 19th. Then, Hitler's 'potential' biological daughter, Angela Merkel, was elected Chancellor of Germany on November 22nd, 2005

    Boys From Brazil...I just happened to notice a weird date coincidence, the first date on the Mengele list of 94 (above), the death of Doring, in Germany (Deutschland) happens on November 22nd 1978.

There's even a potential (barely) encrypted giveaway/echo in the birth of the first IVF baby!
 UK, July 1978 (Louise Brown)...which almost coincides with the release of The Boys From Brazil (October 1978). Brown = Braun (German word for Brown)

The Browns aka The Brauns...Hitler's wife/lover & surrogate (cough, cough)
"Dr. Klauberg then brought the youngest sister of Eva Braun (Hitler's wife), whose name was Gretl, to Eastern Germany, and the result of the experiment produced not a biological son of Hitler, but rather a daughter."

Angel-a to Angel (early 1960's)

Angel of Death, Dr Mengele using 'Weiss' and in respect of being a medic, Dr Weiss (White), part-time dentist. (below) Laurence (Boys From Brazil, Mengele hunter) Olivier as Nazi 'Der Weisse Engel' (The White Angel), aka Dr 'Is it safe' Szell (dentist), Marathon Man, 1976. 
 Both these Daily Mail news reports make reference to The Boys From Brazil (with pics).
The film itself had some 'implied' South American 'jungle' scenes, but they were not physically shot there.

The Angel of Death (aka Mengele). The Deaths Head a feature on SS uniforms
A staple of conspiracy related theory, Paperclip, Dr Green, Nazis escaping to the Americas, at the end of the war...Gehlen (CIA) Von Braun (NASA) etc.
Metal outfit Slayer (Angel of Death, about Mengele) used the line "sadist of the noblest blood" suggesting that Mengele was a type of elite bloodline...I've noted that the lead singer Araya (which connects to aristocracy/noble and Aryan, as in race) was from Chile (South America). Slayer also used one of Lol Olivier's lines from The Boys From Brazil, 'feeding on the screams of the mutants he's creating'.

Yes, even Kubrick would reference this very 'Paperclip' type thing, in his 
Dr (Nazi/Von Braun) Strangelove. Don't forget the fluoride in the water, from Jack D Ripper.

 The Angel-a of Death...Angela (aka angel)
(Hitler's elder half sister was also called Angela)

Angela also an anagram of... Klara Mengele

Merkel has been called the "Iron Chancellor", a reference to Otto von Bismarck.

West Germany or Argent-ina?
With two small offsets, we potentially get...The Girl From Argentina
This one (above) refers to Eva (not Gretl), so take your pick.  If something like Merkel being the daughter of Hitler, has been actually carried out, it is obviously going to be a minefield in terms of unpicking.  Even more so, considering the chaos during the ending of WW2.

Recall that the OTO was formed out of Germany...Kellner/Ruess (between 1895-1900)
The two, were powerful Freemasons...Crowley would eventually join them in 1910. We know that Crowley was involved in playing 'both sides' during the World Wars, pro-Nazi propaganda for The Fatherland and operating with British Intel MI6 etc.
A.A. (Crowley's select group that was linked to OTO) elemental grade sign, Water.
A.A...Astrum Argentum...Silver Star (Argent-um/Argent-ina. geddit?)

Some researchers have even claimed that Churchill's famous V (for victory) hand sign, may have been suggested by Crowley, as a type of foil to the Nazi (Zelator) Salute?

Water (feminine) to Fire (masculine)
 Fire Grade Sign
The name Merkel comes from the Latin Markel, and means of Mars or warlike.

Olivier played a 'Nazi hunter' in the above, but played a wanted 'Nazi doctor' in Marathon Man.
 Censored for years in West Germany, not available in full until 2009. Yeah, I can't imagine why?

The Muslim hordes unleashed onto Europe...the biggest movement of people, since WW2. 
Who is the 'pied piper' behind this toxic mess...answers on a postcard please?!

While I'm one the subject of Muslims...
Note, that The Boys From Brazil was a Lew Grade production...I've mentioned him a few times before, particularly in reference to 'foreshadowing/predictive programming' of the 9/11 terror event.
His ITC television company (forerunner of ITV) was formed on this very date, Sept 11th 1958.
 Grade's dealings with Arnon '9/11 Israeli Intel' Milchan and particularly his film The Medusa Touch, which Grade bankrolled, even before it went into full production (see Christopher Bollyn). You can find my 'Grade/Milchan' posts if you use the blog search function. Milchan was tight with Shimon Peres et al. 9/11 Pres Bush...and the Bush 'crime family' that did much of their dealing with Nazis, see Prescott. Then there's the 'Germanic' sourced, Nazi flavoured  'Skull & Bones' to consider too. 

Ira 'The Boys From Brazil' Levin's...Rosemary's Baby

What have you done to its eyes?
(S)he has his (her) Father's eyes
In a related sense, The Boys From Brazil's, Gregory Peck (Mengele)...was 'previously' the 'surrogate father' of the devil's baby in The Omen. (the kabbalist 666)

 Legend has it (although it's denied), that Anton 'Church of Satan' LaVey...acted as a consultant on Polanski's film version of Ira 'Boys From Brazil' Levin's Rosemary's Baby. It is also suspected that he might've also played the role of the 'demonic creature' that ritually inseminated Rosemary (a moonchild type of ritual). When in doubt...go with the legend.

 Grade sign 'Fire'...LaVey and Hitler
It's a fire and water special...

It is said, that even in Hitler's circle there was mention made of 'moonchildren', probably through the related (occult) Thule type stuff that they dabbled in, some say that this is the exact same magick that underpinned Crowley/Parsons/Hubbard's systems...I know L Ron Hubbard Jr, stated as much, in an interview he gave.

Hitler Youth & Obama Youth (snap)
You know this sign, it is shoved in the collective face at every opportunity, from Obummer (who is always hobnobbing with these clowns) to Gay-Z, Be-gone-cey, Kunt-ye West, Poof Daddy, legions of other (low vibrational) 'rappers' and 'filmstars' etc.  Hell, with all these 'gay' rappers...perhaps they've all been reading Mein Camp?

Grade Sign of Zelator & the Nazi salute

The Great Work, for the Zelator, defined: “to obtain control of the foundations of my own being.” 
By “foundations” is meant the Automatic Consciousness. “The ‘Zealous Student’ whose first duty was to blow the Athanor (furnace) or fire which heated the Crucible of the alchemist.” 
Automatic Consciousness or a puppet on a string? The 'great hypnotic', as Adolf is known. 

Grade sign 'Fire'
 Fire and furnace...naturally leads one to the Holocaust and the ovens.
 Whether you believe any of this or cannot be denied that these 'magickal signs' that I've shown, are literally everywhere and throughout mainstream popular culture...this aspect is not even remotely debatable.  Current 'popular culture' is absolutely saturated with them...and you need to ask yourself, why?

I could've expanded and added on the 'OTO Beatles' too (who rose out of Germany in the early 60's), 'grade sign' Help! and 'Sgt OTO/Crowley Pepper' and the links to Rosemary's Baby/Polanski etc,
 but I just can't be bothered! :)

Interesting...that TV companies, have recently been falling over themselves to release product related to Nazism, not their defeat of course, but relating to the Nazi's having won WW2 and in the US.
 Horselover Fat creator and my namesake, Philip K Dick's The Man In The High Castle is one such example. Amazon have already had to remove promo posters depicting Nazi symbols, after complaints!  Amazon (South America, geddit?) and Nazi's as the victors...what company would be more suitable, eh?

I've got to be careful here, or I'll segue into PKD, and onto 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' - clones/replicants etc...and which easily ties-in to Dolly the 'real' cloned sheep etc! 

 Like father, like daughter...
 Merkel and Germany's recent VW crimes. 

When history (time) repeats we notice?
77 year span

Look who it is...
"Your father was ultimately the creator of the state of Israel" (and Benny knows it!)
 Hitler wanted a (dictatorial) united federalist state of Europe, and (dictator) Merkel is heading up the latest incarnation under the banner of the EU.

(thanks to mattmarriot, for the video assist)

 Don't forget to cast your ballot in the soon to come 4th Reich referendum.

What news of the Saxe-Coburg's, umm, I mean the Windsors?
 The common ground of the 'Elite' and the 'Nazis', two sides of the same coin, bed-fellows.  Edward VIII abdicated because he was a Nazi-type (both by birth and his own personal intent), same goes for the Cliveden Set 'aristos'. The Wallis-Simpson angle, another useless eaters special. Nazi-types and the Royals, they don't just simply have 'much in common', they are of the same breed, and both equally obsessed with bloodline purity etc. Araya, Aryan, Ary-stocracy (noblitity), all from the same etymological root.

 If Germany's Merkel is a stand-in for Adolf, there must be a Churchill, to act as the foil.

And there is...
'Sold Out'? Does that mean the book has sold out (stock) or Boris has 'sold out' on the EU?
 22nd February 2016

Cameron, just sent back from negotiating (aka given his orders) with the EU, he is clearly meant to evoke the weak and spineless Neville 'appeasement' Chamberlain.

 Cameron has often been compared to Chamberlain...but an even weaker leader than him!

The Bilderberg EU is a stinking mess and its demise is not a matter of if, but when.
The whole EU project is one of the biggest threats to political freedom that has ever existed.
A giant federal superstate, one without any true democratic underwriting or representation. To call it anything other than a giant  'fascist dictatorship' (headed by Germany, with France in the standard lapdog role) would be disingenuous.

The situation with the Muslim hordes (fomented by Merkel) in mainland Europe, is another absolute disgrace and an on-going one.  Over the last few months, I've had to witness a giant Europe-wide 'brainwashing programme' led by MSM, the likes of which I've never seen.
Entire European nations (populations) and their dissent to such nefarious activity (Islamification of mainland Europe) has been handled, like a state-wide 'mind control programme'. Orwell's 1984 (which was about life in 1948) has nothing on these types of current

This is the kind of level of 'brainwashing' and 'state control' that some are having to tolerate:


From what I've been observing, it looks like mainland Europe is quickly descending into chaos and on track to tearing itself apart. We'll be lucky if a wider 'civil war' doesn't break out across the continent and directly as a result of Merkel's insane policy, and where is the accountability?

Friday, 12 February 2016

Ripples In The Fabric Of Spacetime

Work in progress...I've only just started tbh.
Just while I was immersing myself into Nolan's world of Interstellar (literally, for the first time proper), the matrix glitches and out pops a major scientific discovery, one that closely relates to the film itself.  Now that's synchronicity!

Feb' 11th 2016

“We have detected gravitational waves. We did it,” said David Reitze, executive director of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo), at a press conference in Washington.
The announcement is the climax of a century of speculation, 50 years of trial and error, and 25 years perfecting a set of instruments so sensitive they could identify a distortion in spacetime a thousandth the diameter of one atomic nucleus across a 4km strip of laserbeam and mirror.

 Black Holes, Planet 9, Blackstar (cover art), Bowie...'ripples in the fabric of spacetime'?
 Spacetime Curvature
 Twin Peaks...Cooper (MacLachlan): Fear & Love (see Interstellar) open the doors...
Rippling tear in the 'fabric' of space-time 'midnight, where Jupiter & Saturn meet/conjunct' 

And we're back to Interstellar...'ripples in the fabric of spacetime'
Cooper (McConaughey) obtains the necessary quantum data (i.e. quantum gravity laws) from his (and TARS') journey through Gargantua (black hole/singularity). 
Cooper then transmits this data, encoded via manipulating 'gravitational waves' that affect Murph's watch (time) and its 'seconds hand'. 
Cooper does this (gravity wave data transmission) during his 'tesseract' part (below) of the Gargantua black hole. 'They' (bulk beings) who designed the wormhole (and intervened in his Gargantua drop), 5th dimensional entities who place Cooper in a familiar, but (tesseract) 4D world (time as a physical construct) for communicating with his daughter in 3D time and earth, the solution.

  4D Tesseract...replicating a 3D setting for contacting the 3D world.
Using gravity waves and love (love opens the door), the forces that can transcend space and time.
Rustin Cohle:"...outside of our spacetime, (where Cooper is) from what would be a 4th dimensional perspective (as is Cooper's) time wouldn't exist...our spacetime would look flattened like a single sculpture with matter (Murph's single room), in a superposition of every place it ever occupied" (replicated everywhere, infinitely)." 

The bookcase is also a symbolic 'time and communication machine', books that span the generations and ages...ideas, stories, philosophy...passed down and accessible to one and all.
Notice the 'spacecraft' that Cooper will utilize...the shuttle (with boosters) that would've resembled the space launch system (with boosters) taking them to space. The 'craft' (above left) enveloped in falling dust, which evokes what happened to the 'ranger' as he descends into Gargantua, encountering dust and eventually arriving at this same 'dusty' bookcase. 
It's like the microcosm and the macrocosm, as the same thing...overlapping with each other.
Even the (12 notch) watch, that rests on the bookcase is a subliminal twin of the Endurance (12 pod) wheel.

 Ripples in the fabric of spacetime...'black stars rise'
 True Detective, Cohle & The 4th Dimension...
Cohle (Cooper)...True Detective, who had his connection with his daughter via 'the blackness', just like his 'connection' via the black hole with Murph.

"To us, it's a sphere"
The wormhole (a sphere, not a cirle) as it appears to the Endurance crew before entry...Interstellar

Cooper to TARS (tesseract) "They're not 'beings'... they're us!"
"What I've been doing for Murph, they're doing for me, for all of us"
Cooper shaking hands with Brand (twice, "they're us") on the first trip thru the wormhole and Cooper's post-Gargantua. Ending, Cooper likely gets placed back into the wormhole (by the beings) after the tesseract is collapsed, hence why he appears floating 'like a reborn starchild' out by Saturn, near the close. The wormhole, a distortion in spacetime and 'love/gravity' that can transcend all of it. This is what is seemingly implied. (which is likely what makes this double handshake reference possible).

Cooper to Brand (after Miller planet visit): The beings that led us here (us)... they communicate through gravity... Could they be talking to us from the future? (see first handshake)...A civilization that's evolved beyond the 4 dimensions. (handshake, evoking the creation of Adam)
 Brand: Maybe...Look, Cooper, they're creatures of at least five dimensions, to them the past might be a canyon they can climb into and the future a mountain they can climb up... but to us it's not, okay? (That is until Cooper enters the tesseract and can do likewise, my emphasis). I'm sorry, Cooper. I screwed up. But you know about relativity.

  He sure does. Contact, McConaughey...Palmer (Cooper) Joss and 'Einstein's relativity'
Joss: "You'll only be 4 years older, but over 50 years will have passed on earth."
 McConaughey (Cooper) his children and the years of messages from home (time slippage)
The acting here is incredible. Gravity (the film) has nothing on this masterpiece.
His children's lives flash before him, in the literal blink of an eye, only hours earlier, they were kids.
Tears: "I knew my daughter waited for me, there." (True Detective)
Theriot: "Because, I ask you, how could the father forget his children? (Cohle and Cooper's daughter) ...In the end, we will find ourselves at the beginning (where Cooper/Cohle both find themselves, literally and figuratively), and we will at last know ourselves, and our true faces will weep in his light and those tears will feel like a warm rain." (Cohle's tears at the climax). 

Cooper (Cohle)...Gargantua Black Hole
   Entering the blackness/darkness, definitions fading to reach his daughter (who waited), see below

Rust: “There was a moment, I know, when I was under in the dark, that something… whatever I’d been reduced to, not even consciousness, just a vague awareness in the definitions fading.
 Beneath that darkness there was another kind - it was deeper - warm, like a substance. I knew, I knew my daughter waited for me there. So clear. I could feel her. I could feel. All I had to do was let go, man. And I did. I said,‘Darkness, yeah.’ and I disappeared (dropping into Gargantua). But I could still feel her love there. Even more than before. Nothing. Nothing but that love (love, the key). And then I woke up.
(In Interstellar, he finds his daughter waiting in her room and beneath the Gargantua blackness. 
After finally waking up on Cooper Station he meets his daughter again.)
 Ending up at at his (old aged) daughter's hospital bedside (the location Cohle found himself in, at the end of True Detective) the daughter, who waited. 

"The thing that people are most hungry for...'meaning'. 
Is the one thing that science has been unable to give them."
 The limits of science and religion, and their connections by the faith... 
''- Proof? Did you love your father? Your dad, did you love him? - Yes. Very much. - Prove it.''

Brand to Cooper...Interstellar switches McConaughey's position in respect of his views in Contact (above), this time McConaughey (Cooper) is 'cynical' about Brand and her 'love' explanation.

  "l had an experience. l can't prove it. l can't even explain it. 
But everything l know as a human being, everything l am tells me it was real.''
Unshakable faith (without proof), love and hope...are the key, the ultimate test.
Was Murph, the 'cinematic' love child of Ellie (Foster) and Palmer (McConaughey)?
Cooper (the father) is reunited with daughter. In Contact, Ellie (daughter) is reunited with her father.

Tesseract 'beings' (Interstellar) and wormhole to the 'Vega beings' (Contact) evoke the same concepts.
Higher dimensional functioning entities etc,
Arroway and Cooper...inside their 'wormhole/black hole' led constructs (Vega/Tesseract) 
They both use the same dialogue, at the conclusion of their 'contact'.

Both act as understandable 'interfaces' for communication with the advanced beings.
TV signals (not gravity waves) were the device for transmitting the plans for Foster's 'contact'
Jodie aka Alicia Foster...Alice Through The Looking Glass, Rabbit Hole, Wormhole
Morse (Contact) "In all our searching, the only thing we found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other (them, they and us!)." 
 Sync wise, it will be 'Morse' (as in code) that will be used to translate the quantum data inside the tesseract and to Murph's watch.

  The original basis for Interstellar...gravity waves (via catastrophic destruction) involving black holes.
 It is Cooper who ultimately manipulates these 'gravitational waves'. Looped via the tesseract, he obviously exists/existed as 2 Coopers, who both send (shown near ending) and receive (near start) the message, the NASA co-ordinates, using binary. He actually asks TARS for the co-ordinates while inside the tesseract, it was TARS who questioned Cooper about how he obtained the NASA co-ordinates, earlier in the film! How's that for a paradox?

Cooper...initially after entering the tesseract, is confused/disoriented (his 'it aint working' quote) and his natural inclination is towards the image of his daughter (in her 3D world).     
  He naturally wants to be the father that he should've been, hence his pleading with his former 3D self to S.T.A.Y. (he is torn). To stay, so he could be that father to her ('spared me the sin of being a father', True Detective)...but Cooper's sacrifice (his love) is to everyone (he's not here to change the past, the one he's currently observing).  He soon realizes this via TARS...that it was he (himself) that brought himself here, so he could make that contact with the 3D world (from the tesseract) and get the message through, the one which will save the earth. Initially, a painful scene to watch, but it ends in triumph.

 Self-sacrifice...for the children, in both cases.
The 'Christ' resonance...Joseph Cooper (JC). McConaughey, will connect to Lazarus via Tropic Thunder, as well as Interstellar.

It is Cooper (who comforts Mann) after literally (coffin/hibernation) raising him from death, 
Cooper clearly plays the Christ role to Mann's resurrected Lazarus. (Gospel, St John)
Lazarus/Mars Damon...Damon played Lazarus leader, Hugh Mann (Hu-man) in Interstellar.
Lazarus/Mars/Lightning...Bowie & Damon
 Elysium being related to 'lightning' and Zeus (Bowie, Ziggy-Zaggy from Mars)

Starman, the lyrics describe Ziggy Stardust bringing a message of hope to Earth's youth through the radio, salvation by an alien 'Starman'. The story is told from the point of view of one of the youths who hears Ziggy. According to Bowie himself, speaking to William S. Burroughs (he had OTO links too, my emphasis) for Rolling Stone magazine in 1973. The song has inspired interpretations ranging from an allusion to the Second Coming of Christ, to an accurate prediction of the plot for the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) According to Bowie himself, Ziggy Stardust is not the Starman, but merely his earthly messenger (messenger of the gods a la Hermes? my emphasis).

Who Damon, The Martian & (Tree of Life) Bowie...via Hermes (rotating station)
You turned my world upside down, @ 3:22 see the 2001:ASO homage, girl and ladder etc. 

Among the later Qabbalists there is a division of the Sephirothic Tree into 5 parts, following is part 2:
ABBA, the Great Father, is the term generally applied to Chochmah--Universal Wisdom--the first emanation of Kether, but, according to Ibn Gebirol, Chochmah represents the Son, the Logos or the Word born from the union of Kether and Binah (aima). The Abba song plays when Damon reaches Ares site (Ares, son of Zeus/Hera) Ares, relating to 'war' a la Mars. (Waterloo, Napoleon, war!)

Interstellar, featured Jessica 'Tree of Life/The Martian' Chastain, as Murph. She has a 'Mars' thematic, co-starring in The Martian, was in Veronica Mars (TV), her birth in Mar(ch), elements in Crimson Peak etc. (Thanks go anon). McConaughey connects to 'Mars' in True Detective, Mar-di Gras (Fat Mars-day, Fat Tuesday), Mar-ty Heart (who he does go to war with, literally), Rust (rusty/red/russet), all names connected to 'warlike god' Mars aka 'the rusty planet'.

There weren't two colliding black holes (as we have in this latest scientific discovery) in Interstellar, but their was one (Gargantua) and where a separate wormhole was located on the other side.

We should expect these types of overlaps with Thorne, he is, after all, involved with LIGO and was involved with the Interstellar film. I think it is interesting nonetheless, and has come at a time where I only just recently begun to look closely at the film. This is why the latest news has piqued my attention, the waves referenced in the film have now been finally confirmed.

Interstellar, The '5th Dimensional entities/bulk beings' formed the wormhole and near Saturn.
In Kubrick's 2001, the stargate/wormhole (to the inter-dimensional beings) is near Jupiter (although it was Saturn in Clarke's original book and legend is that Kubrick couldn't reproduce Saturn's rings).

Interstellar: The wormhole...a tear in space-time, supposedly put there by 5th dimensional entities.
 On the other side...the black hole/singularity/Gargantua (which bears a striking Saturn resemblance.)
There were also some planets (Miller/Mann/Edmunds), potentially habitable for humans.

 “This is transformational,” said Prof Alberto Vecchio, of the University of Birmingham, and one of the researchers at Ligo. “We have observed the universe through light so far. But we can only see part of what happens in the universe. Gravitational waves carry completely different information about phenomena in the universe. So we have opened a new way of listening to a broadcasting channel which will allow us to discover phenomena we have never seen before,” he said. (a gravity wave based broadcasting channel, as used in Interstellar, via watch etc).
“This observation is truly incredible science and marks three milestones for physics: the direct detection of gravitational waves, the first detection of a binary black hole, and the most convincing evidence to date that nature’s black holes are the objects predicted by Einstein’s theory.”
"Until now,  astronomers had looked at the universe as if on a calm see. All that had now changed"
Big waves, gravity...the extreme gravitational tidal affects of Gargantua on the sea, Miller's planet.

There was huge spacetime 'distortion' during the slingshot journey around Gargantua (Interstellar), due to the ship's close proximity to the black hole/event horizon.
 Gargantua & Pantagruel (Rabelais) Gargantua, is the 'Giant' that built 'The Abbey of Thélème, where the dwellers followed a 'Do What Thou Wilt' philosophy...which of course, all sounds very similar to Aleister Crowley's Thelema (thelemic religion, Liber Oz), and who once operated out of an 'Abbey of Thelema' in Cefalu, Sicily. Pan-tagruel, perhaps a link to Pan, who is a symbol of Saturn.

 We shouldn't perhaps be too surprised by this Rabelais/Crowley link, 
Nathan 'Great Nephew' Crowley, is Nolan's production designer, as he was on Interstellar. 

Look at this 'hexagon' again (Gargantua's Theleme Abbey)
 Giant Gargantua, his Abbey hexagon and the 'hyper-dimensional hexagon' shape inside the Gargantua 'tesseract'...coupled with the film's Saturn (Gas Giant) location, related overlaps. The Cube & The Hexagon...Saturn
 Saturn's Hexagonal North Pole Feature...
  Metatron's Cube of Space...The Cube and the Hexagon
 One and the same...
Crucifixion, The 4th Dimension, The Cube/Cross/Hexagon and the Tesseract (via Dali)

Christ (McConaughey) and Lazarus (Damon)
 Stephanie 'Floating Crucified Christ' Kordish

4th dimension, the 'net of the hyper cube' is a 3-dimensional  representation of it (4th dimension), this is like what Cooper sees inside the tesseract, in Interstellar, making it understandable. God, being inaccessible/unrelatable in our 3D sense/world.

Christ/The Beast 666 (Saturn/Satan) & St John-Revelation
The Saturn Hexagon sits at 77 degrees, North. Al '666/777' Crowley's Liber OZ is Book 77.
 Cohle: "a very rural sense of Mardi Gras...had an annual winter festival, heavy on the Saturn-alia."

Crowley aka The Great Beast (666) - Ledoux 'the mad (al)chemist'
666 (tattoo) Beast Ledoux, in Sulphur, LA...Time (Cronus/Saturn). Pentacle, baphomet...
The symbol of sulphur is often used as an identifying symbol by Satanists (666), due to sulphur’s historical association with the devil. The al-chemists used to associate the 'goats head' with sulphur.
Pan (goat/capricorn) is also a symbol of Saturn and its atmosphere is also rich in sulfur/sulphur.

From (Interstellar) Nathan Crowley to 666/777 Aleister? Black Stars - True Detective, Crowley
Directions to the church with the 'Black Minister'...7 miles & 49 (7*7) = 777
Was the Rev Theriot, a barely veiled thematic link to Crowley aka Therion? It is Rev Theriot who makes the dialogue reference to the 'widow's sons/widows sons' (Freemasons)

The Black Star...Surely, most are familiar with the term 'mystery Babalon'?

Babel-on/Babalon - Liber 777 author, Crowley aka The Beast 666 & 111 

Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem to the Kaaba (cube) in Mecca (Babel-on), measures 666 nautical miles. Nautical miles, the accepted standard for global navigation, based on the circumference of the earth. Equatorial span is 60*360 = 21,600 nm, 21,600 = 216 (6*6*6). Our 2(0)16 year also relates.
 The interior angles of the cube = 2,160, 2160 = (6*6*6). The square number of the sun is 666, the cube made up of 6 squares. 2160, the degrees of a precession (for each zodiac sign), Platonic month.

Circumambulating the Kaaba represents the idea of oneness. Its meaning regarding the social life is not to leave unity and to try to maintain this unity. Its meaning regarding individual life contains deep truths. The sky has seven layers; man has seven souls. Each turning (seven total) around the Kaaba represents a phase, a stage; man covers a phase and is elevated up to the seventh sky, above the material realm. Besides, it means to rise from the lowest step of the soul, which has seven steps, to the highest one. (alluding to the 7 rainbow ladder chakras, imo).

Anti-clockwise, Saturn (Hexagon/Cube), The (cube/hexagon) Kaaba
 Saturn and the cube, as featured in Star Trek (Next Generation, via the Borg)
Star Trek: NG, The Best of Both Worlds (Part 2) Borg - One Hive Mind
 The Hive and The Hexagon (geddit?)

Where Manhattan (Man-saturn) & Mecca Meet...
The WTC 'ringed' Sphere/Twin Towers...The Kaaba Black Cube/Twin Towers.
Mecca (with Babalon Burj Tower) got 'lightning struck' on 9/11/15, WTC Tower(s) on 9/11/01
The WTC sphere would rotate once daily, and is enclosed in rings. It got Oz'd in The Wiz (film)
  The WTC's Architect, Yamasaki & Mecca and the radial pattern...
 The Black (Ice) Cube & Saturn via Mecca (He won the MECCA film award in 2002)
Ice Cube is also a self described mellow Muslim. 

Mecca & WTC...the WTC (sphere to black cube) 'switch project'.

Mecca (and one-ness) & New York and One World Trade Center. There appears to be an 'inverted' similarity...both connect to Bin Laden and both also now have the single Tower.
A 'SPACE' Odyssey...literally.

Mono (one) Lith (stone)...recall that 'Circumambulating the Kaaba represents the idea of oneness.' 2001 monolith, a literal 'black space rock' and the Kaaba stone is a 'black space rock' (meteorite). Lith, also translates as 'photographic film', the medium on which the film is shot and the single (mono) screen on which it is shown.

The 2001 (Jupiter/Saturn) Monolith x2...via the film and 'actual' WTC 2001 ground zero...
Project Rebirth (renaissance). Millenium (aka 2001) Hilton Hotel as The 'symbolic' Monolith overlooking (Overlook Hotel) the WTC Ground Zero...modeled on the exact one from the film!
 The 'transforming' Cube of Space...The Black Cubed Space Brick
A 'SPACE' Odyssey...literally. Transforming (shifting) via the Cubed Brick and 777

Kaaba-lism, Kabbalism...the Kaaba's 3 pillars and 3 pillars of the (Kabbalistic) Tree/Sephiroth.
  Kaab- allah-ism? The 3 Pillars of Creation & the cube of space (the cubed brick)
 The black cube (tefillin) and the head/ has the letter 'Shin' symbol
 Shin also stands for the word Shaddai, a name for God. Because of this, a kohen (priest) forms the letter Shin with his hands (priestly blessing).
In the mid 1960s, actor Leonard Nimoy used a single-handed version of this gesture to create the Vulcan hand salute for his character, Mr. Spock, on Star Trek. Pointy eared Spock, like the beast.

Cubed-brick Kubrick, died 666 days before 2001 (666 aka the beast/ape), Kubrick & 777
666 Kubrick's 2001 & 777 (title card gematria)
A decent little summary regarding symbolism...777

World Trade aka finance...the 777 point plunge, was on the Jewish Elul 29 (2008), it was Elul 29 during the post-9/11, Dow drop in 2001! right, Fools (on the Hill) who travel the 777 pathway.
Riding the '777' energy...777 the lightning flash of creation (kether to malkuth)
Forbes cover is from the last 2 weeks (Feb 8 2016), Trevor Rees-Jones? Wasn't he also the (amnesic) body guard for Lady Diana (aka Isis, mother of William aka Arthur) the once and future king? (see cover)  Yes, is the answer! We've related the Arthurian 'sword in the stone' to the flaming '777' sword before. Prince 'Arthur' William (Duke of Cambridge), born on the 216th day (6*6*6). Forbes Jones and 777...

I've just covered David '777/Kether to Malkuth' Jones via Davy 'Bowie' Jones! 
Davy Jones' Locker (see Lazarus) aka death (and rebirth?) at the bottom of the sea (Neptune).

  Lost? Yes...they still haven't found it yet! (MH370, 777)
'The Mysteries' (wink, wink)'s Aleister' 666/777' Crowley, books (winged) 777 & 370
A'ashes to A'ashes, Capricorni, Lazarus Bowie born/died under Capricorn, just saying. 
Crowley was an apparent 'junkie' too, some even say until his death.  

The '777' travelling Fool...and MH370 Boeing 777
A commenter called Id (thanks) alerted me to this recent story. 
It's '777' and The Fool(s), again!
Twin Towers (wink, wink). No last ping response from the MH370 777 plane @ 9hrs 11 mins.
The '777' alongside the Twin's like an echo/replay of 9/11. 
Twin Towers, meaning Petronas. Neptune (crown) overlaps between MH370 & WTC 

According to its website, WNDR is an "American Jewish Zionist" newspaper based in Tel Aviv that dedicated to covering "biblical archaeology news and other mysteries around the Globe". - See more at:
According to its website, WNDR is an "American Jewish Zionist" newspaper based in Tel Aviv that dedicated to covering "biblical archaeology news and other mysteries around the Globe". - See more at:
According to its website, WNDR is an "American Jewish Zionist" newspaper based in Tel Aviv that dedicated to covering "biblical archaeology news and other mysteries around the Globe". - See more at:
According to its website, WNDR is an "American Jewish Zionist" newspaper based in Tel Aviv that dedicated to covering "biblical archaeology news and other mysteries around the Globe". - See more at:
A Judaic link, bilical (where 777 features/relates) & (the) 'mysteries' (777, an aspect)
 The sort of blurb you read during the end credits of a movie, although this aspect never stopped Hollywood's 'mass predictive programming' of the 9/11 event, through their media output!
The disclaimer (imo) actually increases my suspicion, considering it's Zionist links! 
 (source) mh370-pilot-mysteriously-resurfaces-almost-2-years-after-his-flight-vanished-over-china-sea/ 

777/2001 and Evolution...
 Apes (the beast, 666), Man, Evolution, 777 & 21 (7+7+7)...2 00 1

Head (Kether, Crown) to Toe (Malkuth, Earth) via the sole/soul. Doug '2001' Trumbull returned after 30 years absence, to do the special effects for Malick's Tree of Life, Jessica (female Jesus) Chastain, Murph from Interstellar featured.

The famous quote that opens the film sequel 2010: The Year We Make Contact – 
"My God—it's full of stars!" – is actually not in the 2001 film, although it is in the 2001 book.
 Interstellar - Tars (Monolith/Cube). Black Tars/Black Star (anag)
In the 2001 novel, Bowman enters the giant monolith (near Iatepus, moon of Saturn) and finds it hollow...and then follows the 'My's full of stars!' quote.

 The cube (room) and hexagon Tesseract, Interstellar
The (3D) Tree of Life/Sephiroth...The Hexagon and Cube (structure)
(Recall Dali) The 'net of the hyper cube' is a 3-dimensional  representation of the 4th dimension

The Tree of Life and The Cubed Brick/Hexagon

Metatron's (Enoch) Cube of Space...Cube, Hexagon and 777 (Lightning Bolt) Tree of Life
 The Cubic 777 Stone (Monolith)

True Detective & 2001 A Space Odyssey. Bowman has his 'Lazarus' moment, life from death.
Reaching infernal planes...the ether/astral etc
 Errol: "My ascension removes me from the disc in the loop. (multiple meanings)
(Saturn is a literal disc in a loop/ring, 'ascension' can also be related) 

Then there's the whole Carcosa/Yellow King/King In Yellow Mythos...
 There's an oblique Cronus/Saturn connection, at least. Hymn to Hastur (Pan) overlaps with Crowley and his 'Hymn To Pan' (poem to the Greek deity). OTO's Jack 'JPL' Parsons used to recite this 'hymn' during his rocket test launches, recall that Pan (goat) is also a symbol of Saturn.

 "You know Carcosa? Him who eats time. Him robes, it's a wind of invisible voices." 
Black Stars...well, there's Black Aunt D...who waxes lyrical about Saturn.
   Death is not the end. You know Carcosa? You rejoice. Carcosa." (anti-clockwise spin)

 Black holes/wormholes (vortices) can literally be capable of 'eating time' (time dilation) and we do see a comparable 'vortex' inside Errol's Carcosa lair, as he attacks Cohle. See Interstellar.
The related 'robed' Yellow King sculpture/altar implies the 'He/Him' aspect
("Him's a wind of invisible voices").

Saturn has the fastest winds of any other planet in our solar system. 
"Him who eats time" aka Chronos/Cronus/Saturn (chronology, death, the grim scythe reaper)

Saturn, God/King of Time, The Sulphur Yellow King Gas Cloud Giant, acolytes dwelt in Sulphur, LA. In Roman mythology Saturn (Chronos)  was the father of Jupiter (Zeus), king of the gods.

The 'stellar' black hole/collapsed star...'monolith Tars' entered the vortex, followed by Cooper.
Gargantua (beyond Saturn), the hexagonal building giant (Theleme), Saturn the 'gas giant'

2001 'giant cubed brick' monolith, led Bowman to the gas giant Jupiter stargate (wormhole)
Stargate wormhole...2001 (near Jupiter/film, but Saturn/book.) Both (gargantua-n) Gas Giants.

The monolith (TMA2) near Jupiter, was a 2 kilometre long 'giant' monolith. 
Millions of these giant monoliths grouped and descended upon Jupiter, igniting it and causing it to become a star/2nd sun. The Discovery ship has hexagonal shaped boosters.

The cubed brick/monolith/gas is all very suggestive of both Jupiter and 'cubic' Saturn, combined!  Saturn being the planet with the cubed brick and hexagon.
 John 'Interstellar' (Mono)Lithgow...Roy 'Jaws' Scheider. Spielberg did early drafts for Interstellar.
The Endurance ship's slingshot around Giant Gargantua, The Leonov's slingshot around Giant Jupiter.

 Contracting/Expanding and exploding Jupiter, igniting 2nd sun and a new home for life (2010)
Old Murph...bed bound, like a female composite rendering of old, bed bound Bowman.
A new sun (2nd sun) and a new home...and in respect of Cooper/Tars (monolith)
John (Mono)Lithgow, connecting both film universes (2010/Interstellar) by his presence.

Cooper (Twin Peaks) "Where Jupiter & Saturn Meet" (tear/wormhole in spacetime)
Historically, when Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct, large shifts occur in power and fortune. Jupiter is expansive in its influence; Saturn, contractive. Conjunction suggests a state of concentration, intensification. What we have indicated here is something potentially explosive.

"Donut...go gentle into that good night"(lol)
 Torus (donut) and Wormhole...ripples in the fabric (drapes) of spacetime via Jupiter/Saturn
and the 'plane' tree (sycamore), the multi-dimensional plane(s).
Cooper cont...Taking into account the earth's rotation, planetary positions are specific down to the last second ...(searching through books)... and according to the Ephemeris, taking the other planetary positions on the wall into account, this conjunction will occur in our part of the world ...
 The (gas) 'Scandinavian' Giant, the red dwarf, Venus...gas giants Jupiter (Zeus' lightning bolt) and Saturn (fly-by, ornament). The term "gas giant" was originally synonymous with "giant planet." All aspects relating to celestial phenomena. The Giant and the ring(s) and (reverse) red room drapes (Roadhouse)...he takes Cooper's ring, Saturn's ring(s). The giant also occupies the body of the old man...old man, giant, ring(s), it sounds like a composite for 'old father time' Saturn.

Star Trek - The Wormhole (shifts/bends in spacetime). Hexagonal overload too, see start and finish.

According to the shooting script of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the Enterprise passed through the Saturnian system on its course to intercept V'ger. This was changed to the Jovian system for the film.
Which is exactly what Kubrick/Trumbull did with (related) 2001:ASO, Saturn to Jupiter.
Kubrick monolith(s) were constructed using black basalt, we had 'Small' and 'Giant' examples
Gargantua Giant/Theleme 'Hex' Abbey (Thelema/Will). Suggestive of Saturn's influence on Earth?
Crowley, Liber Oz aka (book) 77, 'Do What Thou Wilt'...Saturn's hexagon/cube is at 77 deg north.

The Giant's (Gargantuan) Causeway...the 'hexagonal basalt' way, by cause of the giant (Saturn)?
 Star Trek - The Motion Picture (Giant's Causeway). 2001 stargate effects man Doug Trumbull would handle the final effects in Star Trek film (1979), for which he won a Saturn Award (sci-fi awards). 

The Hexagonal Bridge...via the Giant Cloud

 V'ger is a giant alien cloud that has been built around the V(oya)ger 6 probe (Hex=6)
Star Trek (TMP) is set in the year 2273, note that Decker will say that the probe was launched over 300 years ago, this puts it in and around the 1972/3 launch time window for Pioneer 10/11.

Bowman, reaches the aliens via the bridge of the stargate/wormhole, led by the basalt monolith
 Star Trek...the hexagonal basalt bridge, from Enterprise's bridge to V'ger (bridge to the alien being)
Hexagonal bridge to God...Led Zeppelin, Houses of the Holy, Lead (Led) the metal of Saturn 
Kaaba - The Black Cube /Hexagon
Hermetic Jimmy 'Thelema/OTO/Crowley' Page...bought and lived at Boleskine House, for a while.
 Spock's space-walk to mind-meld with V'ger...the hexagon portal
I'm picking up heavy Saturn resonance (albeit subliminally and/or obliquely) from Star Trek (Motion Pic). The plot ultimately centres around a (fictional) probe called Voyager (Hex) VI/6, which an alien-type god-like intelligence envelopes in a giant cloud, and is looking for the Creator (us).
The film has strong similarities to one of the Star Trek TV series episodes, The Changeling.
Back in the real world...Pioneer 11 probe made the first ever human contact with Saturn 
on Sept 1 1979, a few months before the Star Trek (film) was released. The probe actaully passed thru (made contact) the outer rings of Saturn and discovering Saturn's magnetic field etc.

In this slowed down 'Spock' clip, the Pioneer plaque features several times.
Pioneer (10 & 11) carried a 'greeting/contact' plaque on-board, a plaque that was designed by Carl 'Contact/Wormhole' Sagan and referenced in Star 'Voyager 6' Trek film. Is that a monolith?

 Sagan's plaque wasn't part of Voyager 1 & 2 expeditions, but Sagan's Golden Disc/Record was!
Voyager 1 went 'Interstellar' in 2013, Voyager 2 is expected to do likewise this year (2016)
 Both Voyager probes launched in 1977. (Saturn's hex @ 77deg). Voyager 1 encountered Saturn first, with the closest approach on November 12, 1980. Voyager 2, closest approach to Saturn occurred on August 26, 1981. Quite busy around Saturn..probing Sept 79, Nov 80 & Aug 81. 

"And the stars look very different today..." 777 'kether to malkuth' tree of life Bowie
Ripple in (Blackstar) Spacetime, Lazarus Bowie...the original and literal Pioneer
The Pioneer plaque appears in the booklet of 'alien resonator'  David Bowie's album Blackstar

Transported in the ether by a tear/rip in spacetime...Twin Peaks FWWM (film)
Bowie is instantly transported from Palm Deluxe Hotel, Buenos Aires (Argentina) to the FBI offices in Philadelphia (US). During the return transition of this transportation, we're shown the inside of Bob's gaping mouth (we zoom out from) and Bowie is magically appears back in Buenos Aires.
 He reappears through a fiery portal and seemingly via Bob, the ether and electricity, note the Red Room type drapes (left), the room that gives access to the lodge(s) via Jupiter/Saturn, conjunction.

Starman Bowie, was born in 1947. These Nasa probes...from Pioneer, to Voyager, all connect to JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab), as does the current Cassini probe. Pioneer was developed from JPL and the Voyager craft were built there. JPL was co-founded by Jack Parsons, Pasadena's OTO lodge leader and a disciple of  'Thelema' Crowley (who 'Tree of Life/Blackstar' Bowie was also interested in).  
Crowley and Parsons would both die in the year 1947 (Bowie's birth year). So, what's all this got to do with anything?  1947, was also the year when OTO Parson's and Hubbard performed their Babalon Working ritual (which I've seen cited in relation to a tear in spacetime fabric and moon children), coincidentally, 1947 would also be the year of the Roswell (UFO) incident, which led to the popularization of the flying-saucer (in reality and media).

 1947 & 19.47°...The Star Tetrahedron - Merkaba/Mer-kaaba 
(1947, Crowley, every man/woman is a star)
 The Merkaba (inscribed inside the circle) & Sun (a star)

Why can the position of Saturn and Jupiter be ideal for extreme solar activity? The 'angular momentum' of large planets (Jupiter and Saturn, the 2 biggest in our solar system) effects solar activity. This is because the two planets have a pulling effect on the sun.
Jupiter and Saturn are a huge influence on the sun itself (and all of the other planets as a consequence). This is because they conversely possess most (almost 99%) of the solar system’s total bulk angular momentum.

 Eventually, the field lines work their way to the surface of the sun because the concentrated magnetic flux is more buoyant than the surrounding solar surface. This subsequently causes sunspots, solar flares and coronal mass ejections, which tend to cluster around the "tetrahedral" 19.47° latitudes (north and south!) at the peak of this cycle.  The 'red spot' on Jupiter is also located in this position.

What we're seemingly dealing with, is Jupiter & Saturn having a meaningful affect on the solar output of our SUN and therefore conditions on earth!  Also a form of physics (tetrahedral constant) that seems to have been encoded throughout our solar system and here on earth...As above, so below.

The Black (Mer)Kaaba Stone (cube/hexagon)
Star tetrahedron, cube and hexagon

Sagan wrote Contact, Zemeckis made the opens with a 'probe-like' journey from earth and through the solar system, note we pass through the rings of Saturn, like Sagan's Pioneer 11 did (video, below). The assortment of popular music (see clip), surely a nod to Sagan's Voyager Golden Record. The musical selection features Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Guan Pinghu, Blind Willie Johnson, Chuck Berry etc

An alien 'contact' signal is picked up by astronomer Arroway (Foster)
Plato's dialogue Timaeus (c. 360 B.C.) associates the other four platonic solids with the four classical elements, adding that "there is a fifth figure (which is made out of twelve pentagons), the dodecahedron—this (5th element) God used as a model for the twelvefold division of the Zodiac."
 The 'pioneer' based contact...the vehicle in which Arroway travels through the wormhole,
 is a sphere surrounded by a dodecahedron, the shape can be transformed into a cube.
Interstellar's Kip Thorne and Lynda Obst both worked heavily on Contact (1997)
 The decipher the wormhole tech, the hexagon (at the cube corner) and the cube.
 John 'Alien' Hurt, The (Primer) Key...also being an aspect of Nolan's Interstellar (see below)
The hexagon, the cube and the 'rings within rings' contact machine

Sagan, of course, is seen as a godfather of the wormhole, he also helped advised (about the alien intelligence) on Kubrick's 2001 film. Sagan's son Nick, would write for the Star Trek TV franchise.

 The bridge to God and the higher dimensions...
 Star Trek (1979). During its mission, Voyager 6 disappeared into what was once called a black hole
(see V'ger), emerging on the other side of the galaxy, where it fell into the gravitational field of a planet populated by a race of living machines. Yes...distinct shades of Interstellar!
Cooper (Interstellar) "They're not beings, they're us." 

 Which is what Crowley (Interstellar's Nathan Crowley's great uncle) perhaps may have been implying via his (alien) Lam contact (self portrait).  It was a 'preterhuman' intelligence (Aiwass) that led to the Book of Law, but it might also imply an aspect of the (his) shadow self.

Us...which is what V'ger turns out to be, the captured Voyager space probe, sent from Earth.
Interstellar: How? Love (it's quantifiable), it's the key, and to transmitting the code!
 "We're here to communicate with the 3 dimensional world" (as is V'ger)
"To save the world"...both Enterprise crew (V'ger will soon hit Earth) and Cooper/Tars 
Other dimensions and higher levels of beings...via love and the hexagon (cube)
Man & machine in harmony, Star Trek (Decker/Ilia), Interstellar Cooper/Tars (bulk beings/us).
Yes, it's all a bit Deus Ex Machina, God from a machine etc, there's overlapping Borg elements from Next Generation too. 2001:ASO, Bowman will pass through a 'type' of machine (during rebirth) at the film's close, monoliths are actually 'machines' built by an unseen ET species.
Spock will not return to Vulcan to complete his 'purging of emotion', after this scene. Being half human, half Vulcan...he seems to understand the limitations of pure logic, judging by the dialogue.

Ilia (probe/machine) and Decker (human) merge via love (just like Cooper/Interstellar)
Enter-prise? More like 'enter (his) prize' (literally, Ilia via the sex act)
 The sexual allusion...V'ger (V) and the Cubic Black Stone (Decker/Ilia, a neo-Adam & Eve)

The hexagonals (6 sided shapes), the sexual overtones and via the black stone
 Notice at the end of 2001, that Bowman ultimately meets himself, before his rebirth.
Cooper (Interstellar) 'meets himself/they're us', Star Trek crew meets the probe/god sent by 'us', Contact, meet the aliens (who appear like us) and sent 'contact tech' using 'our' TV broadcast.
 KIRK: Spock! Did we just see the beginnings of a new lifeform? (Decker/Ilia)
SPOCK: Yes, Captain, we witnessed a birth. Possibly a next step in our evolution.

The 'Shining' (luminous) Star-child and The Shining Space-child
Hexagon and space...Kub(ed)brick. 'Saturn V' rockets launched Apollo 11, from a similar shaped pad.
The rocket to the moon, the location where the 'monolith' was uncovered by modern man. was supposed to be Saturn (and its moons) that were the setting for 2001
  Bowman & Cooper 'floating in a box'...another Nolan nod to 2001
Time (Chronos/Saturn) The Watch & Book...Cooper (Cohle) in the 'nowhere' Saturn tesseract
 What begins in this novel as two separate tales eventually twist together into one. 
A young deputy, Danny Upshaw, finds himself on a ride that will force him to confront secrets he has kept his whole life, even from himself. (The Red Scare, red, russet, Rust)

  True Detective (S2) - The Big Nowhere & The Cube (I've not seen 2nd season)

True Detective: "It's all one wormhole, man, giant gutter in outer space."
Interstellar...a giant 'gutter/trough' wormhole in outer space...near Saturn
Black star(s) and the wormhole, that led to Childress' imminent attack on Cohle...
,,,the wormhole in Interstellar, that led to an imminent attack from Mann, on Cooper.
 The McHeadbutt...Mann & Child-ress

 The Superman - Ubermensch (Nietzsche). Interstellar, Cooper will be thrown-out of the wormhole and float back to our solar system, post 'bulk being/alien' contact, like a reborn (2001) starchild. If Kubrick wasn't forced to drop Saturn (in 2001) the wormhole (stargate) would've been close to it.

The Nietzsche quote and time...2001:ASO has Nietzschean overtones (Thus Spoke Zarathustra)
There was (not unexpected) 'gravity' and 'time' resonance running throughout most of Interstellar.
There's also  'time-loop/paradox' elements in both Interstellar and True Detective. The watch (a flat circle of time) the device for relaying the quantum data to the 3rd dimension. Saturn 'god of time' is wrapped in flat circles/rings and is the flattest of all the eight planets.
Saturn (close to the location of the wormhole) Cronus/Chronology and being 'The God of Time'
Cohle: "a very rural sense of Mardi Gras...had an annual winter festival, heavy on the Saturn-alia."
 Harvesting the corn (Interstellar)...Saturn/Cronus/Chronos
During the burning of the corn, Murph starts to understand the significance of the watch (time)
Rust (as in Cohle) is also a form of plant fungus/blight, blight being central to the plot.
Recall that True Detective's (right) opening shots depicted a fire in a crop (cane) field.

"Death created time..." Death (Cronus/Saturn), Time & The Reaping Scythe.
Said by Cohle, while he spins the crushed 'Lone Star' can aka 'flat circle of time'.

The 'spinning' Endurance that was designed to resemble a 12 pod rotating clock (face)
Rotating anti-clockwise a la Saturn
Some of the music/soundtrack clearly evokes 'clocks and ticking' in their composition

 The extreme time-dilation/slippage aspect was also a large factor.

Make no mistake (well, imo at least)...Interstellar is a truly brilliant film experience, I actually think it is (potentially and probably) the most important Science Fiction film since 2001 A Space Odyssey. It is not the easiest film to take in and understand on first viewing (needs concentration and subtitles because dialogue is very poorly reproduced in places, an IMAX issue?), but a little perseverance really helps and pays off. McConaughey, again gives a remarkable performance (there is no other more an improved actor, over the last few years), as does Damon (even though it is a small role, it is crucial and brilliantly played). It pays homage to Kubrick's film and by the bucket load, it also references the sequel 2010 and even Rendezvous With Rama (Clarke). The soundtrack by Zimmer is literally to die for and I don't usually go for his stuff, so even that was a surprise. 

to be continued...

The Interstellar Cooper Station (cylinder) The Rendezvous With Rama Station (cylinder)
Cylindrical Hollow Space Colony
Barrel (Cooper) Cylinder. 
Recall that the giant monolith in Clarke's 2001 book (that Bowman enters) was hollow.

 Clarke, of course, is arguably the source of the monolith type idea, see his book The Sentinel and via his 2001 (and related) book series, which was written alongside the making of the film, but published just after the film's release. The Sentinel, the story deals with the discovery of an artifact on Earth's Moon left behind eons ago by ancient aliens. The object is made of a polished mineral, is tetrahedral in shape, and is surrounded by a spherical forcefield.(that sounds like our 19.47 tetrahedral/merkaba shape inside a circle from earlier). 

The narrator speculates at one point that the mysterious aliens who left this structure on the Moon may have used mechanisms belonging "to a technology that lies beyond our horizons, perhaps to the technology of para-physical forces.The narrator speculates that for millions of years (evidenced by dust buildup around its forcefield) the artifact has been transmitting signals into deep space, but it ceases to transmit when, sometime later, it is destroyed "with the savage might of atomic power". The narrator hypothesizes that this "sentinel" was left on the moon as a "warning beacon" for possible intelligent and spacefaring species that might develop on Earth. 

The 2001 monolith was originally to have been a black tetrahedron; however, it did not reflect light properly. Stanley Kubrick then decided to use a transparent cube, but that proved to be too difficult to use because of the reflections created by the studio lights. Next came a rectangular monolith cast from Lucite that looked unconvincing, and finally the familiar black slab.

 The monolith got a recent airing in the new X-Files series run, in Founder's Mutation. The episode that heavily (understatement) related to alien genetics, the (starchild) William, who was adopted in the year 2001, and aspects of Sci-Fi media including (dual 'ape/space' related) Escape From Planet of the Apes (adoption story) and Kubrick's (Clarke) 2001:ASO. The 2001 scene that Mulder and William both watch together, is a dream/vision that Mulder experiences.

The frequent reference to a high pitched sound/noise, is clearly a nod to the 2001 monolith, that emitted a similar sound, after being uncovered on the moon. The Earth monolith being shown later in the episode. (In the direct narrative, it's implied that 'genetically mutated' Kyle is emitting the sound).
In the film, the moon monolith (machine) is sending a radio signal/message (after sunlight strikes it, for the first time in millions of years) to the giant monolith that is currently in orbit around Jupiter (aka Zeus). We know that the 2001 monolith involves rebirth/genetic tinkering, because it is clearly implied and we see the 'fetal Bowman' pass through the monolith (machine) during his rebirth. More Deus Ex Machina stuff or Zeus Ex Machina, if you prefer!

In genetics, a founder mutation is a mutation that appears in the DNA of one or more individuals who are founders of a distinct population. Founder mutations initiate with changes that occur in the DNA and can be passed down to other generations. Founder mutations originate in long stretches of DNA on a single chromosome.
In this case, the founders mutation, in Mulder’s reasoning, would therefore mean the next step in human evolution with the use of alien DNA. This also relates to Dr Goldman, the literal 'founder' of the 'genetic' lab where (alien) DNA fetal 'mutation' work, has been and is active.

The latest series seemingly evokes Zeus Genetics, that featured in Season 8, Dr Goldman being the equivalent of Dr Lev (Dr Zeus). A program that operates on children (given up) for the purposes of alien DNA experimentation.  Zeus Genetics was tied into the (fetal) William story arc.
Relating to (soon to come) Scully's baby/starchild (who ties-in to biblical Revelations, 666)

Zeus (Genetics), is another aspect that (subliminally) ties/relates to 2001, Zeus (Jupiter) 'the lightning bolt' thrower (son of Cronus/Saturn and Rhea, Rhea being a moon of Saturn) and we identified a '777 lightning bolt' overlap aspect in Kubrick's (Jupiter/Zeus) film.

Mrs. Goldman (ex-wife of Dr 'DNA' experimenter Goldman) was formerly overtaken by the same high-pitch sound that afflicted Mulder and Dr. Sanjay. She cut open her belly (Caesarian, caeser meaning hairy, see related overlapping aspects, below), and out came a baby boy. Not because she wanted to kill the child, but because he wanted to escape. Suggesting that the sound was being emitted from the unborn child. She is aware that her children have been genetically tampered with...via her ex-husband.
If Mrs Goldman assumed that the 'high pitched' sound was coming from her own child, couldn't it be possible that Mulders's own adopted son, might be able to do likewise? The one that he soon has daydreams about?

 Towards the end of the episode we see Mulder’s own dreams of spending time with his son. They build rockets in the back yard together, and we see them watching the Dawn of Man sequence of Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey.” 
Mulder even tells him that the black (piercing sound) monolith at the heart of the movie’s narrative could be interpreted as aliens prompting the evolution of mankind from hairy (caesar) ape-like creatures. Mulder’s fantasy also ends on a horrific note, however. He sees William levitating (Dr Lev?) before he is consumed by a terrifying white light. The embryonic Bowman 'levitated' above his bed (in the alien construct, renaissance/rebirth room) before passing through the monolith in Kubrick's 2001.

 In the hospital (which likely uses women as incubators for alien DNA genetic experiments), while Scully and Mulder are talking to the paranoid and pregnant Agnes (lamb, Agnus Dei, lamb of God), she stands in the foreground, her face juxtaposed with images of  'Escape From the Planet of the Apes', Roddy McDowall and Kim Hunter’s ape characters Cornelius and Zira doting on their newborn. Ironically, it is revealed (in Escape) that Zira once did her own experiments, but on humans.
In “Escape,” the two older apes flee the titular planet (which was Earth, all along) and traveled back in time to Earth in its modern days, when people still held dominion over the planet. 
 Here, Zira gives birth to a chimp who will grow to become known as Caesar (which many translate 'appropriately' as meaning hairy, caesus meaning 'to cut') after they put him up for adoption to protect him, just as Scully did with William. Caesar, of course, is the ape who, in subsequent movies, starts the simian revolution that topples humanity’s rule over Earth. 'Escape' director Don Taylor would also direct Damien: Omen 2 (the 666 antichrist film) and the 'time travel' film The Final Countdown.

 Caesar...a title of Roman emperors, especially those from Augustus to Hadrian.
Dr Zeus (resonator) Dr Goldman's full name is Augustus Goldman, played by Doug Savant.


 I'd say that Doug Savant's actual real name is 'related'...wouldn't you?

Planet of the Apes, was released the same year (1968) as 'ape/monkey' referencing film, 2001:ASO. 
There's a 'time distortion' aspect in Planet of the Apes (via light speed testing and hyper-spacing), which finds Heston in the future, crash landing his ship.

The Planet of the Apes film series, was 'appropriately' rebooted in 2001, a Tim Burton film, featuring Mark Wahlberg. In the film's opening, he enters as electrical storm/vortex that sends him about 3,000 years into the future.
Wahlberg will pass through a wormhole (spacetime shift) in this film, at the climax, an attempt to return to his old time zone. Funnily enough, he exits the wormhole  (in our solar system) right next to Saturn, a popular spot for wormhole related film and media.