Monday, 19 March 2018

Russia, Russia, Russia...

Russia 1 - 0 United Kingdom

Thanks to the UK's (sick) establishment, Putin scored an even bigger victory.
The Skripal FIX is the most blatant and embarrassing FALSE FLAG propaganda campaign that I've ever seen.
So embarrassing for those with a functioning brain and those who can see through corporate Western propaganda.
The UK has been behind this type of anti-Russian propaganda for years, I even recall it around the Sochi Olympics.
The UK establishment in league with the deep state (MI5/MI6/US intel) are likely responsible for this transparent "spoiling" exercise.
From the same type of folk that brought you "Iraq WMD in 45 minutes" and the deaths of millions.

The TORIES are completely busted. I informed readers that the Tories are a CRIMINAL government, and everything they do CONFIRMS this very obvious fact. This Skripal event is so tragically transparent/embarrassing that I will not write anymore about it. Yes, really! If you cannot see through this one - then you're not just insanely dense, but also very much a part of the ongoing problem.

"Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama" ---- John Pilger
I agree - except I wouldn't have used the words "carefully-constructed" - it's far too transparent and full of holes for that.

The Daily "1984"! That bastion of free speech. The paper that closed my account.
They closed it because I was shredding their transparent and cretinous mass mind control/propaganda. :)
I don't think they got the comment response they were hoping for (re: the above article) HOWL! :)
Western values? Do they mean the 1% dominated economies and the crushed 99%, the war machines, false flags, the MSM propaganda organs, mass debt (govt/personal) as progress, unfettered corporate criminality (including banking, financial repression etc), destructive mass immigration, virtual lawlessness, disintegrating infrastructures, wealth disparity, the obesity epidemic, ignorance as a virtue, mass femi-nazism, mass dumbing-down, rampant body dysmorphia, MSM pornography (incl. children's content), social "intel" media, the 'cult of celebrity' religion, cultural Marxism, mass "gender bending" mind control, hate Whitey?
These are what "I" term as the primary and current "so-called" Western values. And they make me VOMIT!

The (Orwellian) Tory government and UK political establishment that wants to close down RT.
The reason for this is simple - it makes UK MSM News (Sky, BBC etc) look just like the PROPAGANDA/MASS MIND CONTROL organs that they so clearly are. The UK elite want to keep you (their sheep) trapped inside its one-dimensional news system. They don't want you forming opinions that deviate from this FIXED and tightly controlled news narrative etc. It's all very, very simple. Elite sponsored/fomented "group think" - that's what you're allowed to believe and have trust in - nothing else is acceptable to these cretinous elite powers. Watch as they role out (complicit) pundit, after pundit - ALL of them towing the elite line of establishment LIES. It's quite simply mass mind control and of the most nefarious kind. It's no wonder that the UK establishment have allowed Murdoch to monopolise most of the UK's MSM. An ideal set-up for promoting "UK group think"(mass mind control) - wouldn't you say?

Russian activity in the Mid-East (primarily Syria) has put a spanner in the NWO works. The Russians have EMBARRASSED the West with their obvious and visible progress. The US/UK/Israel/Saudi/EU are the powers behind ISIS terrorism - they don't want Russia interfering in their globalist wrecking machine. The NWO wants to continue flooding your nations with all the detritus from the Mid-East regions - effectively for destroying the indigenous, promoting the NWO "one world" Marxist agenda, to continually keep the masses under the yoke of corporate financial repression, to carry-out more false flag (or otherwise) terror, and breeding you out etc. The NWO have just seen a strong NATION STATE get underlined by its electorate (Russia), and the NWO cannot abide any form of NATIONAL STRENGTH. Nation states are scheduled for DESTRUCTION in the ongoing NWO one world hell programme.

Open Borders = Mass Terrorism.
Any indigenous that support "open borders" is directly responsible for the destruction of their own nation.

Thank GOD that I will soon be leaving UK/Europe...and not a moment too soon. The Tories are trying to ignite WW3.
If I was a Tory minion I'd want to start WW3 too - their record over the last 7+ years has been ABYSMAL.
Ideal distraction material too - in light of Telford, burgeoning/worsening debt, Brexit shambles, and complete Tory FAILURE.
That giant financial bust (fomented by the criminal BOE) is just around the corner - DEBT BOMB UK - thanks to Tory criminals.
The UK isn't just LOST, it is a fully functioning, criminal 1% led, NWO compliant, big business dominated, & war-mongering SHIT HOUSE.

From November 2017 - Theresa May Is A POS
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise...I'd never have guessed! (sarcasm)
"When you're all out of ideas - blame the Russians."
Is anyone surprised that the Marxist EU (aka European wing of the NWO) have backed the UK's position? Nope!
The onus is on the accuser to PROVE guilt. The accused doesn't have to do or prove ANYTHING!
May is nothing but a GLOBALIST NWO puppet - as identified here and before she even became PM!

Well done to Vladimir Putin for his latest victory. Note, UK readers, what a REAL and STRONG leader looks like. You need to pay attention because you've NEVER had one. The UK collective choose leaders like Theresa "POS/Puppet" May - howl! The UK is a WEAK, DUMBED-DOWN, BACKWARD, PC BRAINWASHED, MARXIST, HATE WHITEY PROMOTING, £2 TRILLION IN DEBT, CORPORATE CRIMINALLY DOMINATED, LAWLESS, DYSFUNCTIONAL HELL.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Tory (and elite) claims about Russia/Skripal publicly FALL APART!
That would be a fitting end to this DEGENERATE & CRIMINAL TORY GOVT.
New TORY Labour and the 45 Minute WMD LIE.
When a nation has this sort of "previous" - it would be a type of crime to take any of their claims at face value.
The burden of proof should be greater for nations that have a track record as bad and as devastating as this!
Iraq is just one of the many - not forgetting Libya, and Syria etc in recent years too.
The US and UK arms industry/govts have been supplying sick SAUDIS for their Yemen mass genocide.
The USA and UK HAVE NO CREDIBILITY, save their global wrecking ability - which is second to none.

Nearly 17 years ago I noted our ROTTEN MSM and stated that Western MSM is the ULTIMATE problem.
I have NEVER deviated from this belief. Even the current paradigm is still tightly connected to the biggest and boldest
FALSE FLAG event in global history - US 9/11.
Enemies of peace and mankind. American psychos. The same old blunt and transparent propaganda - decade after decade.
Colin Powell? It should be Colon Powell, the man is full of shit. As for Nikki "witch" Haley, pass the sick bucket!
Colon "Iraqi chemical warfare labs on wheels" Powell.
Right-up there with Specter's JFK "magic bullet", and other tragi-comedy based claims foisted on the public.
The United Nations have been asleep at the wheel for virtually 20 years - as the US continues this INSANITY!
The FILTHY "JEW S of A" war machine. I VOMIT on people that support it and champion it. Likewise the UK too!
Creating transparent and laughable BOGEYMEN - for the dumbed-down, group think entrained, and propagandised mass to hate on!
The USA and UK have the most DENSE and DUMBED-DOWN populations on this planet! All by DESIGN!
In recent decades America has KILLED MORE INNOCENT CHILDREN THAN ANY OTHER NATION! Sick, sick, sick!
Recall (JEW) Madeleine "half a million Iraqi children's lives don't add up to jack shit" Albright, as just one example.
America is the number 1 threat to any form of global peace - they are the ULTIMATE WARMONGERS.
You'd have thought that the American masses would've learnt lessons from Vietnam, but clearly they've learnt nothing.

What did the 'warmongering' USA do with that Uzbekistan chemical warfare plant where novichok may have been produced?
The USA oversaw its dismantling! Novichok was produced in Uzbekistan - NOT MODERN RUSSIA.
There is (allegedly) still some doubt as to whether it was successfully and fully synthesised by Russia at all!
Vil 'novichok' Mirzayanov (The Guardian- “He was arrested in 1994 and charged with divulging state secrets. Intervention by the US government, the Soros foundation and activists including his wife Gale, an American, secured his asylum in the United States” .

Yes, goddamn Zionist Jew/Marxist agitator and criminal Soros!

The UK/US MSM and authorities are LYING about all this! I told you all that this was embarrassing - and it is!
Iran synthesised novichok in 2016 under OPCW approval. Another LIE exposed - regarding Russia being the only viable source!
Porton Down CANNOT and WILL NOT confirm that the substance is Russian novichok - but May literally has!
"Of a type." Porton CANNOT say it's Russian because they have NO SAMPLES TO COMPARE. This is kid's stuff!
The entire argument rests on who has the ability to produce military-grade novichok, and there are other potential suspects.
The UK has served-up their rigid and one-dimensional "Russia did it" tale - and I refuse to take their position seriously.
UK masses are effectively being mentally corralled by UK govt/MSM, forced into a seeming "pre-constructed narrative" cul-de-sac.
I'd wager it's the USA, UK, and Israel's dirty fingerprints behind all this. Are Russia, Iran (as well as Syria) to be targeted?

Remember that "mental cul-de-sac" that I just mentioned - and here it is.
MARXIST SCUM and NWO GLOBALIST STOOGES. Theresa "EU REMAINER" Mayer is a filthy Zionist POS.
Cut-off their gas supply, Russia...teach these NWO MARXIST warmongers a lesson.
Plausibility? The issue of any responsibility is a PROOF based one - not one based around it being plausible!
If the UK government had ANY PROOF they would have already shown it. THERE IS NO PROOF.
This is Iraq WMD ( a la New Tory Blair) all over again, but this one is even more pathetic! This is the SAME UK government/establishment that was involved in the Jo Cox FAKE MURDER! Another "false flag" (which failed) attempting to influence the UK's EU vote. The Tories have NEVER had any intention of leaving the (Soviet style) Marxist EU communist state. That's why Cameron sodded-off immediately after the vote. That's why they installed NWO globalist puppet May as his replacement - to front her BINO (Brexit in name only) complete capitulation. This latest event will obviously play into their "EU/UK togetherness" agenda.

My musings very soon after the UK's EU "Leave" vote result...
Here I mention the actual Leave result as being merely the "beginning" of the battle.
You had Brexit "hard" or "soft" MSM-based mind control soon after  - there was/is no HARD or SOFT.
There was only leave or stay. Exiting = leaving the single market and the customs union, those issues were never a doubt. The sheep bought into the "hard/soft" BS though, just as I'd expect. Typical of the (complicit and criminal) MSM to help in twisting the logic of these (formerly established) issues to suit 1% elite ends.

Merkel - Spawn of Hitler. My post from early 2016:
Angela Hitler/Schicklgruber - Queen of the Federalist/United States of EU aka 4th Reich.

The US kills children globally via its sick foreign policy and has done for decades - yet they even have the gall to INVENT stories about their "selected targets" killing babies (see Gulf War 1). Laying the groundwork for illegal invasions on the back of transparent, emotive, and schmaltzy type propaganda. This is how the dumbed-down mass is able to live with itself - all under the cover and the safety of believing in MSM fomented MASS LIES. This type of propaganda only really works on the dumb, ignorant, programmed, and those that showboat their "faux" emotions in light of the story (lie) - but then there's no shortage of that - is there folks?
There's certainly no shortage of this in the USA and UK, that much I do know.
LIES via MSM, PR Companies, and the US Govt.
Brainwashing the dumbed-down sheep into war, after war, after war....nothing has changed!
USA is the world's number 1 problem and has been for a very long time. If only they knew how DUMB they look - to those looking-in from the outside. I found American MSM to be lame and transparent even when I was a child (the stuff of ridicule for myself) during the 1970's. It has since got progressively and rapidly worse. UK MSM is now a copy of the US model - meaning it's as equally as base and dumb! US popular culture/mass media is nothing but A HUGE FORM OF DEGENERATIVE SOCIETAL CANCER.

It's no wonder that American youth is in psychological MELTDOWN. Their parents' generation are literally the ones that have helped the sick US elite/corporate establishment in destroying their lives and placing them inside a MSM world built on MASS SICKNESS/LIES. Ultra-violence, mass narcissism, and pornography via the insidious "cult of celebrity" - as typical family viewing etc. This is MKULTRA type programming in full effect. Their parents have ONLY embraced this wanton and expansive degeneracy, not rejected it. I've been watching this mass sickness unfold since the 1980's. The USA is NOT HEALTHY - it is undeniably ROTTEN TO THE CORE. American children are literally SEXUALIZED from the moment that they are born (you can thank SICK Disney, MTV, Nickelodeon programming etc). Manipulated sex energy via MSM/socialist media is the primary reason as to why your young child poses, pouts, and acts like a hooker or porn star. Paedo-chic is rife in US popular culture and is one of the biggest growth areas of the last 20 years. The majority seemingly love dancing to this sick and ongoing degenerative tune! I don't think there is a cure - it just needs to be destroyed by the righteous. No-one EVER buys into the concept that "sick media" is powerfully destructive (which it clearly is, of course) - a type of self-imposed (and peer pressure linked) form of Stockholm syndrome.
With that understood and accepted - destruction from the outside is likely the ONLY sane course of action to follow.

I think the USA is a form of the NEW Nazi Germany...and is being set-up in the same way.
High-level cooperation between Nazis and Zionists - get your "cognitive dissonance-centric" heads around that.
Rudolf 'Zionist' Kastner is a classic example of this phenomenon. Paperclip Nazis were also readily absorbed by the USA.
That's a reason as to why Zionist Hollywood makes those schmaltz-ridden (inaccurate) Holocaust films - to maintain the deception.
They've had the "goy" guilt tripped, sobbing, and self-loathing for decades on the back of all this bullshit.
Full spectrum dominant Zionist Hollywood/TV programming has destroyed the US mass mind - that IS its primary function.
Zionist Hollywood has done similar with the Afro-American - using them to guilt trip White America into mass self-loathing etc.

The Nazi-linked Bush family...
I can even recall "Gulf War I" under Poppy 'Opium' Bush. I had to watch news reports (that literally made me heave, and which are forever seared into my psyche) showing Americans whooping with glee as the bombs were dropped in another ILLEGAL WAR. Dropped on a regime that was fomented by the CIA/USA - just as Al Qaeda was, and likewise with ISIS too! What a revolting and animal-like nation the USA really is - and I don't mind saying so. A society that is programmed with WAR - and just like a conditioned Pavlovian dog! Base, ignorant, puffed-up with self-importance, and steeped in MSM ultra-violence and pornography as forms of entertainment. Yes, exactly, why would anyone be surprised!? Mass degeneracy via American/Jewish MSM/social media is one of  the USA's number 1 global exports. Yes, mass mental illness programming is their national past-time. That's why these millennial types are the biggest "fuck ups" of all. They've only really known mass media degeneracy and group think - thinking for themselves fills them with dread. It's also a BANKRUPT nation with a $20 trillion national debt (likely $50+ trillion in reality) - most of it added over the last 20 years. The "beloved" Obama adding near £10 trillion under his tenure! The American Dream is a LIE and a sane man's NIGHTMARE.

The same Sen. Obama that was ARRESTED by Russian authorities in 2005 (at nuclear facilities), along with Sen. Lugar.
The same USA (and UK) that spent DECADES programming the masses with anti-Russian "cold war" propaganda.
Made by (sick) Hollywood/TV studios/News - the central promoters and executors of Western MASS MIND CONTROL.
When Jew-centric and Jew dominated Hollywood is not raping kids and women - they're busy raping the group mind with their blunt and transparent (Pentagon directed/based) propaganda - see 9/11 etc. Of course, most Americans (and beyond) mistakenly view it all as a form of  entertainment. It's why they're the ultimate nation in terms of (corporate sponsored) dumbing-down & mass mind control.
The SAME Hollywood/TV studios that also spent DECADES priming/programming the masses for "false flag" 9/11!
My work here (imo) PROVES that 9/11 was an elite fomented/sponsored, MSM controlled/executed FIX.
Not that I needed any of this research to confirm it.
I've always believed that 9/11 was a FIX, and even thought as much when it was unfolding on 9/11/01.
The USA and its dumbed-down population NEED to PAY for "false flag" 9/11, and the mass global carnage that they have wrought in its aftermath. They need to pay and pay dear. The "lapdog" UK (and other allies) need to pay too.
(Just one example of the many - US corporate MSM/Hollywood and 9/11 'mass group mind' predictive programming etc)
Russia should go for America via their false flag 9/11 - IT CAN BE PROVED. I would gladly assist!

The USA is the world's BIGGEST GLOBAL TERRORIST. It must fall, and the quicker the better.
Since 2002, the USA (et al) has destroyed the Middle East (under the 9/11 lie) - and barely a word of protest has been heard!
This is not just abject insanity - THESE ARE AMERICAN MASS WAR CRIMES - with no foil!
I don't see RUSSIA destroying the Middle East - do you? I don't see Russia creating MSM-driven "hate propaganda" for their (manipulated) societies to feed on - do you? You know the answers to these questions, as much as I do.

The United States of "False Flag" America...
Remember this from Jan 2013 - the MSM's "false flag" chemical attack on Syria via US (Obama) and UK!
The DM story that was sent down Orwell's "memory hole" almost as soon as it went up!
It's very likely to be TRUE - seeing as the USA (Israel) and UK are the modern world's major "false flag" purveyors.

I was one of the very few people that grabbed a preview copy from Google cache after the main article got rinsed! :)
Full deleted article here. Note, the above article was not pulled days later (as the link suggests), it was hours later!
I know this because I saw it happen in "real-time" on the very day of publication itself!
Many believe that the UK Skripal "fix" could well be a precursor for (similar) events to come - a Syrian false flag event.

From last month's post...19th Feb 2018
"Well, no-one is buying into this sick and duplicitous MSM narrative anymore - they're going to have to change the record."

It looks like they've just done exactly that! Changed the record (re: Russia) with the Skripal false flag. Seems that way.

What's the "EXIT STRATEGY" for the USA (and allies) in the Middle East?
Answer? There is NO exit strategy!

"Russia, Russia, Russia..."

I'd never have guessed....(more sarcasm)
The USA/UK covers itself in glory. Isn't it supposed to be Russia that's interfered, lol?
Data mining the biggest data miners, Faecesbook. Jew, Mark "Rothschild" Suckerberg is an INTEL cut-out and ALWAYS has been.
You've been spun a dumb and typical yarn about Suckerberg's creation - US intelligence/govt are the actual creators/owners.
Only a dumb, MSM brainwashed simpleton would believe the unfettered bullshit that has been spouted about this American/Intel monstrosity. Billions of (copycat) Facebook zombies happily providing intimate details about their lives to the market place. What would have taken intel agencies years of trawling to gather, sort, collate and analyse etc - has been provided for them free of charge and in a timely manner - and all via the DUMB user base! Social media platforms promote a type of strength in "uniformity" - not strength in "diversity". I mean this primarily in a "thinking" kind of sense. This homogenised type of mass mental uniformity (weakness) is something that should be discouraged, not championed.

I've ALWAYS generally said that the Western masses are WRONG about EVERYTHING.
I've seen nothing to deviate from this belief...quite the opposite.
Recognising the "folly" of your own nation and times is a very rare ability! Most DO NOT have the mental strength to broach such phenomena. Most do not even appreciate how they've been MSM programmed - let alone anything else.
Oh look...Horselover Phat hits another bullseye - and more than an decade in advance! It's as though the entire world has no concept or understanding in respect of the "double-edged sword" nature of technology - and that blows me away just by itself! I understood the "double-edged" nature of technology from the moment that I was using the internet (circa 2000). I have barely used my OWN real name on the internet at all, and from since the very beginning.

Oh, how I wish that the US and UK didn't share a language!
The influence of US culture (aka cancer) would not have been so readily deliverable and so severe.

Someone should drop a nuclear bomb on Silicon Valley, and Helly-wood too. We also need to eradicate this US Intel filth and these 'mass mind control/dumb group think' shepherding devices (badly posing as social media) off the map. From my Dec. 2017 post:
America - poisoning and destroying the world with their "military/industrial/corporate MSM complex" output and activity -
ruining their own populations and beyond. This ALL started with the American establishment's "false flag/inside job" 9/11.
That was the US NWO element. We have the European wing of the NWO under the EU junta.
Can you not see how all this is CONNECTED - because I can!?

The people that knocked down these buildings was the (sick) American military/industrial/MSM complex...

Listen to these MONSTERS cheering their "false flag" event. Unknowingly celebrating the mass murder of their own citizens!
If ignorance was pain they'd all be in abject agony! Was this the prequel to the film "Idiocracy"?
What kind of society treats WAR like it's a fucking ball game? A very SICK one is the answer!
I understand that emotions are justifiably high, but this is when and where the wise would suggest a 'cool head' strategy during these type of instances. It's the highly-charged emotional factor (tied-in with manipulated National pride) that so readily lends itself to the successful application of nefarious mass mind control, and the lack of critical thinking and reasoning skills that seemingly accompanies it. Psychological trauma (imo) can act as the main catalyst for the embedding.
The elite puppet masters are only too well aware of this, and so should you be.
I know I'm being very harsh, but there's no time to waste. People need to quickly recognise their own role in the ongoing tragedy.

When you SHEEP were being brainwashed in the aftermath of 9/11, and Bush was goading you into the first of many wars to come.
I was the one screaming at the TV set for you to WAKE-UP! What did you collectively do?
You shouted out: "Let's go kick some ass."  The cry of the brainwashed, manipulated, warmongering SAVAGE.
Yes, I'm calling you savages. That is what you are. Israel controls the USA and UK - so it's no surprise.
16+ years later and the US nation is still as DUMB as a box of rocks - in fact they've got even worse!
The same corporate MSM organs that brainwashed them for 9/11 have been given more and more power by these dumb citizens.
You're all out of time, and this world needs saving from your SICKNESS. You're likely beyond saving yourselves.

EVERYONE has been brainwashed, at least to some degree, myself included. There is no shame in that.
I had to go through that realisation process way-back in 2001, admitting to myself that I've been duped etc.
If you can master your own ego, then you can come through the other-side with new eyes and renewed strength.
It's not just these targeted nations and their peoples that get destroyed - American troops (and civilians) are sacrificed for this same (lie based) war machine and its goals. Troops with wives, children, and families. The majority have not signed-up to enact mass US war crimes, and I do understand that. That said, there really are no more excuses not to wake-up to this blatant and complicit reality (outlined herein) - not anymore.

Brought to you in association with the Pentagon and the US military/industrial/MSM complex...
Warfare is fun. Slow-clap for the US "ultra-violence based" gaming industry. VOMIT.
Dumb-asses think it's a fucking game! It's blatant mass mind control/conditioning and nothing but.
Do any of the game settings start with the US elite carrying-out massive false flag events on their own people? :)

That's right, folks. I HATE America and everything that it represents! That is my human right. I don't care what YOU think.
I say the same about the UK too. I am embarrassed to be British, and I will change my nationality as soon as I am able to.
"Land of the free, home of the brave."
"Land of the dumbed-down 1% slaves, home of dosed and primed (MSM programmed) warmonger enablers."

Surely you remember, folks? The internet was ultimately born out of the US MILITARY (DARPA) and the PENTAGON.

March 23rd....
He's correct about this, but he is still another who believes in globalism. Don't shoot the messenger.

How's that German-Franco MARXIST EU idea panning out...

Oh look, another ISIS terror agent in France.
Slow-clap for the MARXIST CRIMINAL EU "open border" policy supporters. The dumbest breed that has ever lived!
All of this is DELIBERATE. The deliberate destruction of Europe by the Marxist/NWO political elite and assisted by the MSM.
Let's see what Rothschild lackey Macron does about it. No, I'll give you the answer now. NOTHING.
It'll probably be filed under "mental illness" (as per) and the madness will continue.
The French had their chance and chose Macron. By choosing Macron, you chose to welcome terror and for it to continue.
It's US foreign policy that has DIRECTLY led to these events on European soil!

WARMONGERING America - Donald "nuclear" Trump - aka Greg "the missiles are flying" Stillson.
Donald "We will stop racing to topple foreign regimes" Trump. That was one of his US military policy promises.
Trump was referencing "dropping nuclear bombs" virtually from the moment he got in the hot seat!
ZIONIST (son-in-law) KUSHNER is the Israeli stooge in Trump's admin.
America/Israel - still supplying Saudi "ISIS" Arabia - still funding the rebels (ISIS) in Syria.
Same old, same old.
"Let's Make America Regime Change Again." (MARCA)
Neocon Bolton has been called a "war hawk" and is an advocate for regime change in Iran and North Korea. He was a supporter of the Iraq War and continues to support his decision (that means he is an insane/ sociopath war criminal, my emphasis). He has continuously supported military action and regime change in Syria, Libya, and Iran. In 2013, after NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden had been granted asylum in Russia, Bolton said: "I think in order to focus Putin’s thinking, we need to do things that cause him pain as well. (Very telling!).

Heads - they win. Tails - you lose.
Criminal and lying LESBIAN - Hillary 'Benghazi' Clinton (and Russia).
She was even angling for "war" before the election.
What cherished values? You don't fucking well have any values, save WARMONGERING on behalf of your zombie populace.
“War is peace...freedom is slavery [and] ignorance is strength.”

When Clinton and the Dems dropped-in their post-election claims about Russian interference - I just laughed!
I thought how the hell are they going to spin this decades old 'cold war' BULLSHIT all over again?
It should've been laughed out the door. Only a complete dumbed-down sap would get caught-up in such nonsense.
Then I remembered that the Zionist/US Marxist MSM would blanket-bomb them with propaganda, and that the American masses (particularly the Marxist/liberal left) are as DUMB as ROCKS. And there you have it. They could've told them Santa Claus interfered and they'd have bought it! I don't call the American masses the DUMBEST OF ALL (with the UK a close 2nd) - for nothing.
I say it because I know it's a FACT.

"Modern man is the ideal hypnotic subject..."

Mass Mind Control via MSM/Govt - M.A. Hoffman II
(Secret Societies & Psychological Warfare)
Hoffman is a huge influence on my writing (probably the greatest influence) and has been since the early/mid 2000's.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Ahead of the Curve via Brendan Cox

May as well revisit my June 2016 that reality is finally allowed to get a look-in!

I outed Brendan "abuser" Cox back in June 2016!
This article above is from November 2015.
Saint Jo of Batley is not such a saint after all, how will the MSM sheep cope? I use "is" and not "was"  - due to the fact that she was NOT even killed. She knew about the investigation into his violent tendencies in 2015, long before she was beatified by the whore UK MSM, and the UK Euro-centric establishment. So much for their "happy marriage" - a marriage that was clearly a business arrangement - like most of these SICK and so-called respectable folk. These types are seemingly happy to prey on useless eaters and get paid handsomely to boot, they're also defended to the hilt when exposed - regardless of the facts. With that understood, these types (imo) will be only too happy to assist in the elite fit-up of the masses, such as an attempt to influence the EU vote using transparent spoiling tactics.

The Selective Compassion of Jo "Cultural Marxist" Cox...
See how they spend ALL their time working for FOREIGN NATIONALS and NOT the taxpaying UK indigenous!
Jo Cox was the "equalities and discrimination advisor" for a Labour Woman's Network! (article here).
She should've taken care of her husband first - don't you think? They don't just HATE you - they want you DESTROYED too.

The last thing the UK establishment want is an end to this form of EU communism (mass immigration, a migrants come first attitude, declining living standards, corporate controlled wage suppression for the mass etc) - that's why they're so pissed about the outcome. Jo Cox's Syrian "White Helmets" are a blatant terrorist organisation too (they've been caught staging war crimes for propaganda purposes!) The MSM, however, happily painted them as a humanitarian organisation. Just like they do with Oxfam, UNICEF, Amnesty, and other corporate monstrosities posing as humanitarian based entities. They are ALL corporate filth.

Anyway, it's the yoke of blanket cultural Marxism/PC for the mass of useless eaters, and one complete with an actual form of (establishment driven) 'inverted colonialism'. Yet it's unfettered corporate greed and degeneracy for the administrators of this system - they are its shadow. The End. Yes folks, the same bloodline types and establishment dynasties that enacted "colonialism" (the stealers of indigenous mineral wealth, the enslaving of nations via "might is right" etc) - are the same ones behind this UK "neo-form" of inverted colonialism. An inverted form that is being used to destroy national identity and the social fabric of UK society. I very much doubt that UK borders will ever be any kind of barrier of entry, not unless there is some type of enforced and violent political change. The latter will not happen though - the UK has one of the most establishment compliant and apathetic populations that exists on planet earth.

Anyway, this was MY type of focus around the time of the EU vote
- not the deluded handwringing that was so prevalent from the typical MSM dosed and primed zombie mass.

Turn a LIE into an even BIGGER LIE! The dumb masses even consolidate these elite crimes & with their own money!
Remember, I was calling this event a FRAUD on the actual day itself and in-running!

This was all back at the time when the "UK MSM sheep" were sobbing along with him, and in unison!
The LEAVE voters were deliberately SHAMED by the REMAIN-CENTRIC UK establishment over Jo Cox.
That was the point of this entire fakery-ridden exercise!
Some POS at 'Save the Children' (Forsyth) let him off the hook for his transgressions
 - all likely so "going-forward" - he could then take on charities linked to his (soon to be NOT DEAD) wife!
Is that the "Save The Children" charity - so we can then fuck them - and all under the guise of aid and the veneer of (UK establishment) respectability? I just wish I was joking.
CEO of Save the Children Int., Thorning-Schmidt, is daughter-in-law to the (EU loving, Marxist) Kinnock's, & wife of (Marxist) MP Stephen Kinnock. She was former PM of Denmark, who now works from London. The Kinnock's likened Jo Cox to "a beloved niece".
All those corporate TV adverts (Oxfam, Save the Children, UNICEF etc) using uber wealthy celebrities make me VOMIT.
The "saint of corporate charity" Bob Geldof (barf!) was involved in the Cox/Remain-linked (Goldman Sachs) Thames flotilla.

Brendan 'Save The Children' Cox and Justin 'Save The Children' Forsyth...

Brendan 'abuser' Cox's 'Save The Children' colleague and 'abuser' UNICEF Forsyth, also worked for Oxfam until 2004!
They ALL frequent the same (sick) corporate big business institutions - the ones that are sold to the public as charities.
£13+ billion is BORROWED for foreign aid - some of it goes on criminal wasters like Oxfam, UNICEF, Save The Children etc.
This, all while the UK infrastructure implodes under the electorate's feet, & with rocketing debts - both govt and personal.
How's that government by the 1% and for the 1% working-out for ordinary Brits?
Anyone remember the Windsor family connected Jimmy "UK Corporate Charity" Savile? It seems not!

"I am Jack's complete lack of surprise..."
The usual establishment maggots crawl out of the woodwork to defend this POS.
Sex pest? That's the sort of apologist flannel that I'd expect to hear from the likes of these "owned" types. They're filth!
Brendan Cox IS a violent predator - of that there is NO DOUBT, none whatsoever. Cox thought he could hide his tracks using his wife's (FAKED) death as a type of cover. Even more so when he's assisted the SICK UK establishment in carrying-out a blatant psy-op. Recall he was "tweeting" Remain based propaganda at the time of his wife's (FAKED) death - not grieving or consoling his children. The comments on these articles (above) are at odds to the establishment narrative. Well, now there's a shock! (sarcasm). The establishment rally around one of their own - one who helped them with an EU vote psy-op, and faked death!
Even so, their fix attempt still failed. :)

The "smiley" Leadbetter/Cox club. A near certainty that they were also in the "fix loop"
 - hence "ear to ear" grins at the memorial, and only days later. Any links to UK Intel, Cox/Leadbetter families?

I'd say it's a certainty, Jo Cox was chosen/used for the psy-op - and it would've been a carefully put together plan.
The Tories launched the referendum that they thought they couldn't lose, whereas Labour (with deep state assistance) helped shame "leave voters" with their blatant psy-op! Those who seek sanctuary in Tory or Labour are not just politically naive - they are patently INSANE too. The "core" of both of these "so-called" political parties is beholden to the EU, and ONLY to the EU, and they have been for DECADES. Surely you've worked that much out? That's why they've jointly destroyed (over the years) the manufacturing base of the UK, it was all a part of the larger Marxist EU/German hegemonic plan. None of them are working for the (actual) UK electorate - and you can BANK that.

Any links to UK Intel, Cox/Leadbetter families? Cough, cough.
We certainly found potential "intel/spook" links in respect of Bernard 'hero' Kenny. The following from 2013.
"Spooky" above Kenny's comment - spook/spooky = INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. (article here)
Underground messages/massages regarding political assassinations - was that a deliberate typo via "massage"?
Horselover Phat to the UK Intel establishment: "You need to up your game - this one was EASY to bust!"

Why does it take 18+ months for the British MSM to properly out the degenerate Brendan Cox?
Was it because they had to protect their profiles so they could be used in a (failed) EU vote psy-op? Yes, is the answer.

Remember folks - Jo Cox WAS NEVER KILLED. It was all a FIX.

Now you've seen the capitulating and backsliding on leaving the EU (since that June 2016 vote) - it is now beyond doubt.
As soon as the LEAVE result was finalised the Tories filled their front ranks with REMAINERS. Puppet May, the cherry on the top.
Bernard "Hero" Kenny - was used as an elite establishment/intel "cut-out" for the purposes of an attempt at vote fraud.
See the 2016 post for more. Kenny was seen once in public - very, very soon after he was stabbed with a 10 inch blade.
This was at a Batley Bulldogs game 26th June 2016 (177th day of the year), and 10 days after the 77 year old was stabbed!
A remarkable recovery for a pensioner. I actually doubt he was stabbed at all. Likely another intel type plant imo.
The entire 'so-called' death of Jo Cox, was a complete and total psy-op and from the get-go.
Kenny is now conveniently out of the way, of course. Patsy Mair's life was also destroyed so the fix could be rolled-out.

This is the SHIT that you have in the establishment and government/shadow government of the UK.
Seemingly there are NO LIMITS in respect of UK public/political life - this is how these monsters are allowed to flourish.
I'm just surprised that Brendan Cox didn't have a permanent job at Oxfam (Abuse-Fam).
He would've been an ideal candidate for them.
A charity front for the purposes of corporate style remuneration and the abuse of the most vulnerable?
"Dignified exit for major players" - oh yes, just like Brendan Cox (via implicated Forsyth) at Save The Children!
Can you see the "pattern" yet? If not - I advise you take a visit to "specsavers".
Corporate charities are only concerned with defending and saving their carefully crafted "brand image" - no matter what the facts.

The UK isn't just rotten, it is rotten on an EPIC scale - a scale that most UK sheep cannot even comprehend.
A nation dominated by SICK corporate banking and mass debt (govt and personal) as a form of progress!
Guess who royally fucked the entire UK and its people for £1 trillion+?
Yup, sick corporate banking monsters - the very ones enabled by the sick UK establishment!
The same banks that I said should've been DESTROYED in 2008/09 - you will soon see why I was correct, and all along!
Oh dear - it's starting to look (in financial terms) like the former Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe! (see below).
Read it and weep! Labour and Tory have destroyed the UK - all thanks to the SICK banking cartel, & coupled with mass immigration!
A nation that has thrown ALL its eggs into the banking sector - what could possibly go wrong? D'oh!
The country has ultimately been destroyed by corporate banks - it would've happened regardless of Labour or Tory!
Labour/Tory - the effective gatekeepers of this criminal banking cartel. Borrowing money means you're getting poorer - not wealthier!
"Emergency interest rates" - there is a clue in the word "EMERGENCY"! Yet there are zombies out there that think 2008 has been and gone! They are what I call the TRULY lost. Rates will now likely rise and it will likely and eventually destroy the ENTIRE FINANCIAL SYSTEM - this is why you were ENTRAINED to see "debt" as being normal. You will soon see the ERROR of this insane way of thinking and believing. The elite don't park their assets in the typical banking system - their assets are offshore. That's why you're ALL going to get fucked - they ALWAYS play the long-game, whereas the masses barely look past tomorrow!
There will be no deposit guarantees either (should a crash occur) - you will lose your deposits - you're already BAILED IN!
Keep voting for declining living standards, destroyed infrastructures, lawlessness and no justice, 2nd class status behind immigrants, a failing NHS, feminist mind control, gender identity confusion (aka sexualising children), mass PC indoctrination (aka Marxist mind control), indigenous haters, shitty expensive housing, mass debt as progress, corporate wage suppression, poverty via elite wealth removal (deliberate asset price swelling via cheap money), establishment paedophiles, rapists etc, etc. The UK masses pay more and more tax (and year after year) - but get less and less in return. Their lives go backwards and yet they literally ask & vote for more of the same - this is abject and barefaced MASS INSANITY!

These same political CUNTS want £4+ billion to tart up their Parliament - all so they can continue to destroy the UK, but in the lap of luxury! Unbelievable! How has a nation become so collectively dense and insane? The answer? Mass corporate media mind control programming, Marxist/PC programming via schools, universities, BBC, SKY, Hollywood, 'group think' social media etc, etc. All the latter readily promote forms of "white indigenous self loathing" within the mind bombed populace - that IS mass mind control and of the most nefarious kind.

"Television (mass media) is by nature the dominator drug par excellence. Control of content, uniformity of content,
repeatability of content make it inevitably a tool of coercion, brainwashing, and manipulation."
— Jerry Mander, Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television (New York Quill, 1978) p. 197.

The zombified collective UK masses will drag you down with them - that is primarily why I am getting out. They may be as dense and as stupid as rocks, but that doesn't apply to everyone! The same masses that expose their children to "paedo-centric" mass media (see Cowell, Disney etc), the same masses that allow their children to be indoctrinated by social media (the attention seeking, affirmation, and 'sick group think' club). Social media = promoting narcissism as a virtue! The same masses that smile at their children who post sexually inappropriate poses via (low self-esteem) selfies etc. Why do so many young children adopt sexually inappropriate poses and pout their lips in virtually all selfies - are they advertising their sex appeal and oral sex appeal?
Sorry, but it needs saying. There is seemingly no other reason why anyone would pose like this! Mass media is now blatant NARCISSISM & PORNOGRAPHY - yet even the parents don't seemingly care! Women are the WORST offenders. Validation junkies and advertising their FUCKABILITY factor (sad really) and at whatever age. We have a generation of children effectively RAISED by (sick) "mass media" - not by MOTHERS or PARENTS. The UK public (both young and old) is primarily strung-out via its (mass media) manipulated sex energy. We have thousands of young women butchering themselves through plastic surgery via deliberately fomented self loathing, and the endless promotion of the (Hollywood driven) 'inadequacy lie' via image programming.
The copycat effect is only TOO REAL. No-one will give-up on ANY of this CRAP - not the parents and/or the children.

We've entered an age where people want to be FAMOUS/INFAMOUS, rather than invisible (the cult of celebrity/attention seeking).
The quickest route to this is committing horrific crimes - and to then bask in the mass media fuelled glory.
Without doubt "mass media" engenders a type of 'sinister flattery' and 'awe' around these offenders, and ALWAYS has.
Serial killers are already WORSHIPPED like "gods" by the masses (see Hollywood etc). Yeah, what could go wrong (sarcasm).
The victims 'seemingly' ONLY exist for the glory of the killer. Most people couldn't name ANY victims.
We're seeing it with child shooters (USA), and with young adults (see below, the UK man who stabbed the dog walking pensioner).
This is only TOO REAL - it is all primarily driven by the (sick) cult of mass media, social media, and celebrity/fame.
Yup, some people WANT AND LONG TO BE SERIAL KILLERS/SHOOTERS. Hollywood/TV etc has fetishised the entire concept.
Not that these Hollywood/TV rapists and paedophiles care! Are you getting it yet?
The BIGGEST LIE is that media doesn't adversely affect people - in our age it's literally the ONLY thing that it does do!
The mass media JUNKIES will reject this out-of-hand - but that is what DRUG ADDICTS do, so it's to be expected.

Palmer had developed plans to kill dog walkers and told a mental health professional:
 “I would be on a pedestal, up with the big ones, everyone would look up to me, everyone would know me by name.”

There really is no escape from this "programmed, insane, and base mass" - that's why I'm going to relocate to a low density population area! I advise that you do the same. Look out of the window citizens of the UK - the elite are and have effectively destroyed the middle-class (the plan all along) - now you're left with a base 1% (pulling all the strings) and a base 99% (rapidly expanding underclass) that tries to suck on its teat. This looks more and more like Victorian Britain as each day passes.

The SAME ELITE that controls politics/big business also controls MASS MEDIA.
I shouldn't have to say that, it's for clarity. MSM is the ELITE, and if you are absorbed by it, then you're absorbed by them!

The Programming Elite's Modus Operandi via Zionist BBC's - The Year of the Sex Olympics (1968).
Treat this as an (barely veiled) ELITE manifesto of sorts...because that is exactly what it is!

The "1% Elite" (hi-drives) and how they shepherd the dumbed-down "99% masses" (low-drives).
Most, if not all of you reading, fall into the 99% category.

"Serving-up an endless diet of lowest common denominator programmes and pornography."
(This sentence above PERFECTLY describes the current state of corporate mass media.)
It CANNOT get anymore blatant than this. 
This methodology WAS/IS the elite's programming strategy for (Zionist Jew) mass mind control.
It's US popular culture that acts as a form of global cultural imperialism - infecting other nations with their filth.

Thank FUCK I am getting out of here. Those staying in "Degeneracy Central UK" - you have my sympathies.
I hope that one day you'll find a civilised place - you'll have to LEAVE though. I'm in Gandhi's camp regarding western civilisation! :)

The UK Establishment...the normalising of sick child abuse:
All the "masks" are coming off now! The "ass fucked paedo toffs" (sociopaths/psychopaths) that run UK PLC.
What an horrendous article. These monsters don't know how sick they are, or likely even care - as is seemingly apparent.
Please see "Theresa May Is A POS" post for my recent musings. Childhood buggery as a "rite of passage".
You wanna see what was going on in Dunblane (Scotland), Thomas Hamilton, sodomite paedo dignitaries,
and the QVS school - see earlier posts. What an absolute shithouse of insane toff filth! These loons are running the UK asylum.

The Cox Cherry on the Cake...
What an absolute C**T! Just like his white UK indigenous hating (not dead) wife -
all his efforts are based around the deliberate destruction of the very fabric of the UK. Batting for foreign nationals!
"Must be held accountable for their actions."

"A far-right extremist who yelled Britain First"? Not according to the following! (article)
It looks like the UK WHORE media/establishment have been caught in yet another LIE. Wow, they were quick to attach a (faux) "white fascist" narrative to this incident - that's what you do when you're programming and corralling the sheep via MSM!
There were other claims about this "Britain First" quote from a few others - see here.
This is what happens when you primarily have that CUNT Murdoch controlling the UK group mind! Also see Hillsborough etc.
A sign in a shop by the spot Jo Cox was killed states the claims that the gunman shouted "Britain First" are untrue. The message in the launderette's window says: "Please note, I did not tackle the gunman. And no one shouted Britain First at any time." LBC's reporter in Birstall Bethan Davies spoke to Ahmed Tahir, the owner, who insisted he has not spoken to anyone who heard that phrase.
And Mr Tahir admitted he was worried for his safety after reports named him for making the original claim. (Mr Tahir, another who's seemingly been used by the UK deep state. He should be commended for representing the truth, and at risk to himself). Why are MSM broadcasting quotes attributed to him - even though the man himself denies that he made them! Think people, think!

GTFOOH! You cannot make this stuff up! Sane folk WANT mass immigration to STOP!
This was only two weeks ago! Let's turn the "accountability" issue around on this POS!
If Cox had been EXPOSED in 2015 - he wouldn't even have been in this position to LECTURE other countries on their own attitude to immigration issues! Brendan Cox - you are a SICK MF.
If you want to house the entire world's supply of migrants - DO IT ON YOUR OWN TIME AND YOUR OWN MONEY.
You and your NOT DEAD wife - NEVER did ANYTHING for the UK people - quite the opposite!
Turning a blind eye to MASS MUSLIM paedophile crimes in their own backyard, and imposing their cultural Marxist,
and minority rule based mindset/propaganda on the British public.

Cox told Fairfax Media that he believed Australians, like the British, would overwhelmingly reject Britain First and what it stands for:
"I believe the people of Australia, like the people here in the UK, will always choose hope over despair," he said.

Cox should be writing those pre-printed "messages/sayings" inside Hallmark greetings cards!
Cox DOESN"T even speak for British people - he has no platform in this regard! Let alone in respect of Australia!
UK nationals ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PRIORITISE their own kind - that is the establishment message!
This is the ONLY message. I can't imagine why? (sarcasm).
The only fucker who needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE is Brendan "violent sex abuser/fake tears/psy-op" Cox.

Another Labour POS - Starmer is a MAGGOT. SIR? What an insult. The man is an imbecile.
Labour - covering-up child rape en masse, and helping to keep RAPISTS out of jail. At least they're consistent. ;)

Traitors of the UK and "inverted racists"...The Marxist Labour Party.
Champagne Marxists. Useful 'elite owned' Idiots - neo Uncle and Aunty Toms. Filthy "minority rule" champions.
These two MENTALLY CHALLENGED MARXIST DRONES want to flood the UK with the world's detritus! Abbott has ALWAYS been a complete POS - so no change there. That isn't a racist comment, it's called accurately describing the actual REALITY.
They want to destroy your earning power, continue to reduce your standard of living, and to giveaway the UK to foreigners.

Note, Marx/Levy was an ILLUMINATI Rothschild agent. Now you have NO EXCUSES for supporting them!
The EU is a stinking (Bilderberg sponsored) form of Marxist HELL. The objective is to make the masses EQUALLY POOR.
That's why it continually imports millions from the 3rd world.
They won't be raising them to your standards, they'll be lowering your standards to meet theirs.
A CUNT of epic proportions. Whoever voted for this "special POS" should BURN IN HELL.
You see folks it was simple. The EU vote was a NATIONAL vote, not a locale or constituency based vote.
As soon as the result was declared ALL REMAIN BULLSHIT should've been IGNORED.
Same goes for Scotland etc - it was not ever about anything other than a straight IN/OUT NATIONAL issue.
It's the LYING MSM that have bamboozled the dumb public with "hard/soft", "single market/customs union" etc.
There was NEVER ANY DOUBT that we voted to leave the single market and customs union, see Cameron's speech/interviews.

Didn't know what we were voting for? Well, that's that LIE exposed and destroyed. Next.
If REMAINERS are going to construct lies about the EU vote - then please at least make them remotely believable. Thanks.

These people have no credibility - they need DESTROYING.

Anna "WE DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IMMIGRATION" Soubry. Another 1% lackey and EU puppet.
This is what a TORY MARXIST LOOKS LIKE. Never accept that a Conservative cannot be a Marxist!

Amber "MARXIST" Rudd - following in the footsteps of PUPPET MAY.
Always protect war-torn families? This is the same TORIES who are funding and fomenting ISIS (aka Rebels) in Syria!
The same Tories (under Cameron) who also championed the Arab Spring - to open the North African immigration floodgates!
The UK establishment have deliberately helped in destroying Syria (against the democratically elected Syrian govt) by FUNDING ISIS TERRORISTS/REBELS. They then take-in these people from the lands that they've help destroy!
All these politicians are TRAITORS of the worst kind - and it's all done under the faux guise of altruism!
They are ALL DELIBERATELY DESTROYING the UK for their elite masters.

TORY LIES are a penny a pound - always have been. A bit like Osborne's claim to balance the books by 2015-2018!
Is this what capped tens of thousands looks like? Erm, NO!
If they were judged on 'actual performance vs their promises' - they would all be sacked as total incompetents.
All with Theresa 'PIECE OF SHIT" May as Home Secretary!
She destroyed the police and border force too - what a lady. May and Cameron simply continued the work of New Tory Labour.
Tory, Major signed the UK into the Maastricht Treaty - New Tory/Labour signed the UK into the Lisbon Treaty!
May is a POS MARXIST GLOBALIST PUPPET and an enemy of the UK nation state.
Don't forget, the Tories "nobbled" UKIP Farage's seat in Thanet (2015), they also committed electoral fraud in other areas!
Italy will be voting soon and I predict that they will now (healthily) swing to the right.
The clock is ticking on the EU. The clock is also ticking on the INSANE Marxist/Liberal ideology too!
Finally, some SANITY from Italy and France! Even the "right" in Germany are now mobilising.
DO NOT buy-in to this "far-right" description that is used to described anything that isn't Marxist communism!
This is not "far-right" activity, or even remotely "fascist" - it's called defending your NATION STATE and IDENTITY!
The only "fascist" activity I've seen emanates from the bullying Marxist/Liberal 'lowest common denominator group think' club.
The EU have MORE TO LOSE than the UK in respect of Brexit - not that the UK authorities will mention this,
they're too busy pretending to be deliberately WEAK - just as REMAIN types would and by DEFAULT!
A sane government would've WALKED AWAY from the EU, not negotiate with them.
You CANNOT negotiate with the European wing of the NWO! It's the EU that has an EXISTENTIAL CRISIS looming, not the UK!

UK Labour Party = Cultural and Political Marxists
UK Conservative/Tory Party = Cultural and Political Marxists
Anyone that votes for any of these degenerates is GUILTY of aiding and abetting the elite destruction of the UK.
The UK public have happily enabled these cretins - and enabled them in destroying their own lives! OMFG!

If the UK elite establishment (public and boarding school types) have been sodomised in their formative years
- then it's no wonder that they don't really care what happens to the children of useless eaters!
There you have it! The entire political class in the UK is driven by Cultural Marxism, PC mind control, and a sick, sodomised, child abusing elite establishment! The most DELUDED of ALL are the Tory supporters who THINK that they're "right wing" - they're not just wrong, they're MENTALLY ILL too. Admittedly, it's a close call between them and the (dense) Labour voters who think that their (Momentum/London elite) party represents the "working classes" (lol) - we can call it a dead-heat! :)
Rotherham isn't the exception here - it's THE RULE and nationwide.
Spot the racial and religious profile!!! (article) Keep voting Marxist Labour you fucking dumb Northern monkeys!
I think Corbyn SACKED a northern MP (Champion) that tried to raise this issue of Muslim/Pakistani paedophile gangs!
She is "no heroine" though - even this BITCH has defended this religious/cultural group in the past (2014, see here).
Jeremy "PIECE OF SHIT" Corbyn. "WOE - Jeremy Corbyn!"
Helping immigrants in destroying UK children, and sacking people who (eventually) raise this VERY REAL issue!
Let's give the northern Labour councils, social workers, and the police - the "slow clap" - one that should never end.
No wonder they are queuing-up at Calais - they are virtually untouchable (due to Marxist PC) and know it!
And where are the PARENTS of these abused children? Have they absolved all their responsibility in respect of their children?
Labour and Tory - two sides of the same SHIT COIN.
You'll NOT be reading details of this in the local Northern Press - they are Labour supporting propaganda organs!
So much for Labour's "social justice" - they won't report issues that put Asians in a bad light, regardless of the verifiable FACTS.
They happily paint pictures of (erroneously labelled racist) indigenous white folk though, and regularly!
Where are all the Marxist drone FEMINAZIS condemning this systematic abuse of white children!?
Are they busy telling fellow Feminazis how great they look posing themselves as "sex objects and whores" - all for empowerment? Get the fuck out of here, I could destroy these lunatics in seconds!
Anyway, this abuse is on an INDUSTRIAL scale - both in terms of "Asian/Muslim gang(s)" and their sexual abuse of children, but also on an industrial scale in respect of the (cover-up centric) UK authorities.

If stopping the rape of children (by immigrants, and 2nd/3rd/4th generation immigrants) is seen as RACIST, then I'm the biggest RACIST on planet earth! How can the fear of being erroneously labelled a racist be more powerful than actually ALLOWING and ENABLING the systematic rape of children? All those who did and said nothing due to the fear of being perceived as a racist - are COWARDS. They should ALL be prosecuted for dereliction of duty, and seek psychiatric help for their apparent and induced Marxist mind control. They should be NAMED and SHAMED and never be allowed to be involved in work that has anything to do with social services - and/or protecting children.

The UK police, social services, intelligence etc - are ALL implicated in this (in various ways).
The authorities would rather have CHILDREN systematically RAPED by Muslim men - than risk being accused of racism!
This IS the TRUTH and nothing but. This is what "mass white self loathing" via sick MSM programming has led to!
There is NO UK multicultural utopia - IT IS A BAREFACED, ELITE-DRIVEN LIE.
The way things are going there will be a CIVIL WAR in the UK over mass immigration - the sheep are waking-up.

A recent 2018 case in Oxford "seemingly" stinks of a potential cover-up too. I'd wager that there was ACTUAL guilt!
There is no (effective) UK law or justice - there is seemingly only the DEFENCE of CRIMINALS - especially immigrant/foreign ones!
Tory May has decimated the UK Police anyway. May, and the police are more concerned with catching Tweeters who don't obey Marxist PC group think - than she is in tackling the UK's burgeoning (immigrant and underclass) violent crime wave - see London knife crime EPIDEMIC etc. Same goes for Labour tool, Sadiq Khan(t). These Marxist PC cretins seem to view actual physical crime as secondary to so-called cyber-based comments that they (or the offended Marxist drone) deem offensive. It's absolute lunacy.
Mass immigration rot is so deep in Marxist/PC metropolitan elite London, that the city now has a white British indigenous minority!
The Usual Suspects. As for the "CPS" - they are a fucking SICK JOKE! The CPS needs disbanding!
Of course, UK paedophilia isn't solely the preserve of Asian gangs - so don't go making that dumb mistake!
It is up and down the entire UK, and involves various demographics - as I outlined in my 2016 post (below).

The United Kingdom - The Paedoph-Isles.

The Westminster Elite Child Abuse Inquiry - will it ever get started?
POS May launched this and she put up Baroness Butler-Sloss as the chair!
Child killing Venables and Thompson were released (under a life license) after just 8 years in custody by Butler-Sloss in 2001, and with new identities. Butler-Sloss, who quit from the Savile inquiry (due to pressure) is sister to Robert Baron Havers, QC.
Havers, who along with others was responsible for burying the Dickens Dossier (UK govt/dignitaries implicated in organised child abuse), the ones that 'paedo' and Elm Guest House attendee, Leon 'Thatcher's Home Secretary' Brittan, conveniently mislaid!
"It's all for charidee folks..."
Tories and Paedophiles. It was Tory PM & paedophile Edward Heath that signed the UK into the (European) Common Market!
Covering themselves in glory...the sick multi-national corporations of "Charity".
ALL multinational corporations are unfettered FILTH. Destroyers of humanity. Sociopaths in suits.

Venables/Thompson - two POS baby killers who have had MILLIONS spent on protecting them, and their immediate families too!
The British Public are not offered such protection from these monsters. Monsters who are now ICOGNITO!
The same Venables that the UK establishment have PROTECTED
- even though the authorities KNEW that James Bulger was SEXUALLY INTERFERED WITH!
The UK authorities BURIED those sexual abuse details. I wrote about this a couple of years ago (see here).
2 year-old Bulger's pants/underwear was pulled down, his foreskin was mutilated, and batteries were inserted into his anus!
Venables and Thompson sexually abused James Bulger - the world needs to KNOW this (as horrible as it is).

If the above had been widely known, then the issue of Venables' latent paedophile tendencies could have been addressed!
The ONLY TIME those filthy killers "cried" was when the sex abuse issues were discussed! Then they wailed for their mothers!
So, how come the sexual abuse/molestation of Bulger (1993) is NOT widely known? It's called a COVER-UP!
Anyway, that's how that POS Venables was able to flourish in the outside world as a PAEDOPHILE - the issue was NEVER tackled!
There is NO DOUBT that Bulger was sexually abused. Venables was (imo) likely sexually abused by his own family.
Now the UK authorities have fucked themselves! Venables has reoffended (again!), and technically this should mean that he goes on a sex offenders public register! If his ID is protected how can he go on the register? What about the duty of care to general public?
They surely have the right to know when a deviant paedeophile is in their midst. What a fucking mess!
The parents of James Bulger have been completely cheated by the sick UK authorities. I've always been disgusted by it.
The parents of those two murdering monsters should have also been tried, it's a travesty that they weren't.
I DO NOT buy-in to the blanket concept of "rehabilitation" - some of these people DO NOT even want to be rehabilitated - and with that understood it cannot therefore be the universal panacea that it's promoted as.
I find the authorities attitude to the rehabilitation of criminals - naive at best, and extremely dangerous at worst.
Anyway, the UK establishment is PAEDOPHILIA - and some of the masses are starting to understand this - FINALLY!

Moving on...Syria:
US/UK/Israeli foreign policy has DESTROYED THE MIDDLE EAST! Along with the sick Saudis.
REBELS = ISIS! An ISIS that is using civilians as human shields - and the Western political psychos know this!
DO NOT fall for this blatant propaganda article on Assad and Russia - it's the same (faux) record that they ALWAYS play.
It is the UK/USA/ISRAEL/SAUDI that have fomented, funded and powered ISIS. This IS the axis of EVIL.
The "REBELS" ARE the US/UK/Israel/Saudi - how can you mentally retarded sheep not understand that!?
If you're following events via MSM news channels - then YOU"RE ALREADY MENTALLY FUCKED!
The STINKING UN - they've stood idly by in the last 16+ years as the USA has destroyed the Mid-East.
That's why millions of these people are migrating into Europe - it's largely a result of US/Western hegemony.
Don't forget "911" was executed by the USA and Israel - that giant FALSE FLAG event from 2001.
Only a complete DUMB ASS would believe in the official 911 narrative. It didn't fool me - not even for one second!
The SAME media that turns a blind eye to YEARS of Saudi WAR CRIMES in Yemen.
SCUM Saudis who are supplied by the UK and the USA.
 Where's the UN and the West's outrage over the tens of thousands wiped-out in Mosul. 
Oh, that's right - these things are ONLY crimes when it's Russia or Assad. Well, no-one is buying into this sick and duplicitous MSM narrative anymore - so they're going to have to change the record!
This is the same MSM that's given the USA and its destruction of 100,000s in the Mid-East a virtual "free pass".
The usual anti-Assad/anti-Russian bullshit continues. This planet is FUCKED.
Western governments (as described) are NOT fighting global terror - they are FUNDING, FOMENTING, and DIRECTING it.

This is WHY Western MSM is demonising Russia and Assad at every available turn! They are the 'fly in the ointment' for these insane powers! The US establishment is so FUCKED that the FBI have spent over a year trying to implicate Russia in the US election. So much so, that they MISSED 20+ warnings on the recent Florida school shooter! The USA (like the UK) is suffering from mass mental illness - why else would there be these things happening on an almost DAILY BASIS. It's not because US society is healthy - it is another complete (cultural Marxist/Liberal PC driven) NUT HOUSE!

Florida School Shooting:
Did the Trump hating FBI ALLOW this school shooting to occur? There is potential merit to the idea.
Why would Americans give-up guns (or entertain the idea of control) when the authorities FAIL to act (even after 20+ multiple warnings to the FBI) and when 4 of the Broward County Sheriff's Dept also all COWER outside during the shooting!?
If multiple authorities failed in their duty of care (as they so patently have) what are decent law abiding Americans supposed to do - give-up their only defence/defense?
This weasel needs ejecting - the buck stops with him and his department, as well as the FBI.
I think they did NOTHING (stood down) - so as to let this event happen, and to then foment this post-outrage atmosphere (in league with Marxist/Liberal MSM) that we've been seeing. They've then used these dumb and brainwashed millennials for the emotional blackmail effect. The Pulse Shooting (under Obama) was a HUGE FIX involving the authorities and the (sick) MSM - so this isn't new territory for me - quite the opposite! It's no wonder that the Marxist/Liberal-Left PC "Democrats" are so heavily funded/aligned with these Hollywood monsters. There were "acting" elements uncovered in the (Orlando, Fl.) Pulse shooting! "Acting/Crisis" elements have been mentioned with this recent school shooting too (and in the MSM). I've said over the years (on this blog) that the US establishment would foment/let these shootings occur - all so they can disarm you. I still believe that to this day. The (corrupt) Jewish MSM also help cement these devious plans and events (with their faux narratives) in the US group mass mind.

I've noted claims that under Obama's tenure, a school program (Promise Program) is in operation that grant money for reducing school arrests of minority students! This effectively leads to a covering-up those instances and their frequency. Is this why the school's security tape loop had a 20 minute delay - so those inconvenient instances (of minority based crime) could be WIPED!? This is FUCKING MADNESS! No wonder Obama hob-knobbed with criminal gangsters like (drug dealing) Jay-Z and his whorish and TALENTLESS wife Beyonce! Obama has ROYALY fucked the USA. BY FAR the worst POTUS that I've ever had the displeasure to witness. All his speeches added-up to NOTHING. Nothing but meaningless, rambling platitudes - and every time he opened his mouth.

Broward received multiple warnings about Cruz too (at least 18, likely more)! Before Cruz carried out his mass killing at the Florida high school, police responded to his home 39 times over a seven-year period. Let that sink in! This is a MASSIVE issue of authority FAILURE! Their STAGED CNN "gun control show" - was all about DEFLECTING BLAME FROM THEMSELVES (and the failing/complicit FBI), and putting law abiding gun owners in the "dock of shame". Please see Jo Cox and the UK EU vote fix and "shaming UK leave voters via faux fascism" (aka MSM LIES). It's a similar type of methodology - a transparent MSM-driven tar brushing exercise, and using manipulated emotions as the main catalyst etc.
No wonder so much was invested in hammering the NRA - it also worked as a ruse to cover for their own (and the FBI's) blatant incompetence! There is an issue with these school shootings, but that's a topic for another time. "Broward Cowards" didn't even pick-up the shooter - it was cops from a neighbouring town (Coral Springs)!  Cruz was wondering around in town for an hour or more after the shooting. Luckily for Broward that dozens more were not killed in the aftermath, this is why their "standing down/cowardice" should be the real SCOOP. It was just chance that more were not killed as a result of their WILFUL inaction. Democrat junkie 'Sheriff Israel' SAT on the Peterson coward info (and the three other officers too) while doing anti-gun rallies for CNN! CNN NEEDS CLOSING DOWN! We KNOW it was 4 of them - the Coral Springs Police said as much. Coral Springs forces were the first to enter the building. Israel is completely BUSTED. Those parents NEED TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION against these complicit people!

If they can't close Cruz down over all that time and over all those "overt" & persistent instances - they may as well give up.
It was EASIER to stop him based on all that intel, than it was for the shooting to transpire. I believe that.
Cruz was literally walking around with a tattoo bearing "I'm the next High School Shooter" on his forehead.
Peterson, and others did not "engage" the active shooter. They were in a position to at least draw-off fire from those inside.

I recall this Scott Israel from the Fort Lauderdale shooting (Jan. 2017).
Scott "13 DEMOCRAT of the Year Awards" Israel - wink, wink. Is he still on the Obama/Clinton payroll?
I think we've found the MARXIST/LIBERAL stooge inside Broward - it's this FAILURE of a man.
No wonder he was an aspect of another suspect shooting event in Florida, Jan 2017 - one with "mental health" overlaps!
Mind Control...anyone? Shooter Esteban even went to the FBI (2 months prior) claiming 'mind control' by the US intel/govt!
I wonder if the post-FBI (mental health) treatment involved programming him for the Fort Lauderdale event?
If Santiago was subjected to state mind control - then these sort of indicators really set the alarm bells off.
 One passenger, Mark Lea, told MSNBC the man was "just randomly shooting people" without saying a word to anyone. After emptying about three magazines of bullets, the shooter then got down on the ground, spread-eagled and waited for police to arrive. He was carrying a military ID card.
Five people died in that attack, all of whom were passing through Fort Lauderdale to begin cruises with their spouses.
Two Scott Israel (Florida) linked shootings with "Cruz and crusies" - mental health and FBI overlaps...hmmm?
Hollywood Int. Airport, "Delta" for the mind control state/brainwave patterns, a 2nd shooter etc (cough, cough) - my former post below.
Don't forget that British guy (Sandford) who tried to shoot Trump - he featured on Marxist/Zionist BBC's Robot Wars (wink, wink).

Grandstanding David "Actor" Hogg's father is an ex-FBI agent. All these things are UBER suspicious - just like Orlando.

There is no such thing as an EX-FBI agent - & those with brains know it. FBI were complicit via the Florida (school) event too!
A CNN interview with Anderson "CIA Operation Mockingbird" Cooper. He's had suspect form with Sandy Hook.
Nice try with the "full on" double-bluff though - David "Actor/FBI" Hogg - by mentioning CRISIS. Wink, wink.
Carefully chosen/positioned "primed actors" (some linked to intel, see Hogg etc) - to sell the "MSM 2nd amendment" narrative (via CNN aka CIA) to the gullible. I haven't time to go into this in greater detail. I don't need convincing about these things. It's readily apparent. I've always said that since False Flag 9/11 - that CORPORATE MEDIA IS the ultimate problem. I've not deviated from that.
If they can pull-off 9/11 in a giant military/media fix - then this stuff won't be much of  a problem.
Why are these dates listed BEFORE the 14th February shooting took place?
Yes, it clearly ALL STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN. MSM has fucked you all, as per.
They've got recent FIX FORM in Florida, of course! No wonder they struck again in that location.

Orlando "Actor Fest" Pulse Shooting - FLORIDA.
The Big "Orlando" Fix - Fix It Here
It's hard to know what's real and what isn't - but know this. Some of these people are CLEARLY USED to frame the entire narrative going-forward via MSM - to closedown forms of alternative thought and/or enquiry etc.
Why are most of the so-called victims/witnesses etc - ACTING/MSM RELATED? Even shooter Mateen was, as was his father!
So, do most of you still think Zionist corporate MSM, TV and Film - is just good ol' entertainment fun?
They make your entertainment and they control your news - OH DEAR!
Don't forget I busted the "Vegas" (monarch-linked and Illuminati sponsored) shooting too.
UK Monarch (collapse) and Mass Shooting - same day. The Pyramid - "master symbol" of the JEW-lluminati.
Direct govt. mind control accusations via Hollywood Int. Airport shooting - Monarch (airline/mind control) overlaps via Vegas.
Don't forget folks, Monarch mind control relates to both the players (micro) - and the sheep-like watching masses (macro).

Those KIDS would've been protected had 'law enforcement' and the (useless) 'FBI' done their JOBS!
I say this from the POV of believing in their MSM official narrative (not that I do)  - just so you understand.
They are all PAID to do these jobs, swear oaths etc - they WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR THEIR BLATANT FAILURE!
This CANNOT be ignored - for to do so would be a CRIME in itself!
Some of these kids probably mean well, but they are the generation that has only known total mass media immersion. They have no appreciable experience of a pre-mass media world, no real understanding of news as "propaganda", or as a political tool for deception, or even news as a corporate consumer product - whereas some older and wiser folk have. "News" cannot be taken at face value - not anymore, if ever at all. It is not a "public service", but a "product" and one that is ultimately controlled by very few (corporate) hands. These children have a right to a voice, but they cannot be allowed to dictate the agenda or narrative, not imo.
Why aren't these DUMB millennial types protesting the FBI and Broward? Does it not fit in with their Marxist brainwashed view?
Multiple shootings occurred under Obama - probably more so than under any other sitting President, not one time did these DUMB MARXIST DRONES ever protest the Obama Marxist-House/White House. These millennial types (or whatever the fuck they're called) are not just IGNORANT, POLITICALLY NAIVE/DENSE, EASILY MANIPULATED, BRAINWASHED ETC - they are also VERY, VERY DANGEROUS. It's their one-dimensional "group think" mentality that is of most concern, as is their unwillingness to accept the alternative views of others. The latter two aspects primarily driven by (degenerate) social media.
It looks like this shooting event (or at least a large aspect of it) has been "engineered" - engineered to attack 2nd amendment rights!

There are sometimes dozens of weekly shootings in (Obama's) Chicago, a place where guns are illegal (how's that gun control working for you?) Mostly carried out by AFRO-AMERICANS - the type that live under the spell of "gangster thuggery as a lifestyle choice" - via the sick/degenerate so-called "Hip-Hop" genre. These "fools" below (and people like them) are the true enforcers of HATE CRIME (if that's what they want to call it!) - they should be arrested and charged. Like UK Asian paedophile gangs - they feel emboldened, untouchable - and all due to the MSM's mass sewing of "white guilt" and (faux) claims of racism etc!
Black Lives Matter = George "ZIONIST AGITATOR" Soros. How many UK Labour or US Dems are on his payroll?
Soros is also believed to be the real power behind EU Remain drone/agitator (and immigrant) Gina "POS" Miller. Soros has "form" in respect of attacking the UK. He massively sold-off the £ trying to break the Bank of England on Black Wednesday 1992.
The £ was eventually pulled-out of the ERM. He's been attacking UK Leave thru Miller, and in various other ways.

When is this "sick Hip Hop" issue going to be addressed? Neo-Uncle Toms (that is what you are!) selling-out their own race and children (and infecting others) via this form of nefarious mass mind control. A genre that denigrates women, promotes and glamourises violence/gun use, promotes a gang mentality, a victimhood attitude, drug use, material worship, promotes Hate Whitey/inverted racism etc, etc. I'd say this to their faces too! Where's (Jew owned, and Weinstein lackey) Oprah "LESBIAN" Winfrey's show about how certain Afro-Americans (and their Jew masters) have destroyed the minds of their own (and others) through this evil and sick (Jew controlled) music genre? Are they still selling it as a type of "empowerment"?
You know, like all those "posing plastic social media whores" who think it's all in the name of feminine empowerment!

And there you have it  - MARXIST SCUM - Haters of the UK white indigenous.
When Labour are not COVERING-UP Asian PAEDOPHILES and allowing the systematic rape of indigenous children, they're promoting these COMPLETE FUCK UPS. Bergdorf is a RACIST.
It's Munroe "All white people are racist" Bergdorf. Sacked by L'Oreal for being a RACIST, but employed by Labour!
This BITCH is not even BLACK - she is MIXED. Her transgenderism is a MENTAL ILLNESS.
She speaks for NO-ONE. How can an 'outed' and 'overt' RACIST represent any form of equality? Fuck off, Corbyn.
Marxist/Racist Labour representing everyone - but the BRITISH MAJORITY. Govt for the 0.2% - not the 99.8%!


Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. (article)
You cannot alter the genetic make-up of a person - it is predetermined.
These people are not male to female, or female to male on a GENETIC CELLULAR level.
This transgender abomination is all a part of the Marxist/Liberal elite's plan to SEXUALISE children.
It goes well with their (sick) Hollywood/TV's "mass sexualisation" of children via whorish MSM.

I can cut through all this shit (which badly poses as a form of culture) like a hot knife thru butter.
Faecesbook Suckerberg is a Jew - one who has helped destroy the US (and beyond) mass mind.
Social media is simply filth. A very low-grade form of "Orwellian group think" mind control, coupled with narcissism as a virtue etc. Snap Chat, Instagram etc - are now effectively like listings that advertise prostitution services. Full of pouting, over-sexualised children and teens. All of them suffering from "mass induced" low self-esteem, and all seeking external validation (due to their inherent weakness) from complete strangers.
Hollywood's "12 Years A Slave" is also a STEAMING PILE of HATE WHITEY propaganda funded/made by Goyim hating, agitator Jews (see Milchan, above)! You can front it via a BLACK director all you want - JEWS are the REAL power behind this propaganda! It's all part of the programming of the US group mind - programming Afro-Americans (via the cult of celebrity) into maintaining their permanent victimhood mentality. These propaganda pieces also act as a tool to promote "White shame/guilt" - please DO NOT buy-in to this MARXIST/JEW fomented bullshit! Bottom right, Milchan asset and Israeli double agent, Sydney "Eyes Wide Shut" Pollack - Weinstein even harassed Pollack on his deathbed, or at least until the family demanded that he stopped. It's a small Jew film world. These "types" (Milchan etc) were heavily involved in longterm brainwashing of the US public (and beyond) with Hollywood/TV "9/11" predictive programming. I've covered that issue extensively on this blog and elsewhere for more than 15 years!

This BLACK MAN also agrees...Hate Whitey and Guilt Shaming! (article)
These films do a DISSERVICE to ALL RACES. It is PURELY Jewish/Marxist fomented agitator type propaganda!
I DO NOT subscribe to all his views - only this basic outline above. Promoting (an ongoing) victimhood mentality/mass shaming.
Lee "The Butler/Tranny-lover Whitaker" Daniels - Mr "Gay/Sodomite" Empire - batting for two minorities at once.
The black director that made this filmic RUBBISH - is OWNED by Zionist Jews. The End. That's why SICK JEW HOLLYWOOD gushed over it and decorated it with shitty gold statues, just like all those HOLOHOAX (guilt shaming) films! Promoting RULE BY MINORITY, and every step of the way! It's very much like 'Jay/Gay Z' being owned by JEWISH 'Def Jam' - via Jew Rubin, the REAL power behind it. Before anyone accuses me of RACISM - I am married to a black African women! That doesn't make me immune, but it needed saying for context and wider understanding purposes. Now you know.

Hollywood Degenerates & Liars...Champagne Marxist/Liberal HQ.
The same (Zionist/Marxist) industry that BRAINWASHED the masses for 9/11! As I've been saying and PROVING for 16+ years!
Not just that - they've been actively DESTROYING yours and your children's minds too - and they will not stop.

I can't imagine why they support the Dems and the Clinton Crime Syndicate. These people ARE MSM CRIMINALS.
How desperate are these Marxist drones? The righteous are going to destroy you. Marxist "owned" celebrities are a CANCER.
Hollywood IS GOING DOWN. If there was a nuclear button and warhead aimed at Hollywood - I'd press it.
In fact, I'd keep-on pressing it, and pressing it, and pressing it. The real tragedy being that I could only do it once.
Jesus wept! These Hollywood types are more SHEEP-LIKE than the goddamn masses that they program!
If (Marxist) Hollywood wasn't a conspiracy against the masses - there would be some diversity in thought. There is no thought diversity whatsoever - just the same monotonous droning "Orwellian, low-info and sleight-of-hand group think" from ALL OF THEM.
They're simply just (Zionist/Marxist elite fomented) empty robots all reading the same "script and auto-cue" over and over, and over.
Barbara "JEW" Streisand - a MINORITY champion. She looks like Bob Dylan in drag - no wonder she made Yentl! :)
A fugly bitch who lives in the land of fantasy. Thankfully those based in "reality" thinks she's a PIECE OF SHIT.
I'm not Trump's biggest fan, but he has these DEGENERATES on the run. He's worth it just for the Hollywood meltdown alone!

"We is gangsta - innit bluud"
Wiggers...Oooh look, I used the "W" word. Quick, call the Police. :)
Mental illness induced by American MSM - that is very likely what caused this "fuck-up" of a so-called human being.
Born white, but identifies as black? Transracial? What a complete LOON. Mentally ill - the psychiatric ward is that way>>>
She actually prevented a REAL Afro-American from representing their causes/issues by lying about her background. 2010 - Dolezal's adopted brother, Ezra Dolezal, accused Rachel of having "brainwashed" (other adopted brother) Izaiah into "hating white people".

This blog article is just writing itself! You cannot make this shit up! Another who identifies as "transracial".
It's either FULL BLOWN mental illness - or she's another victim of the Hate Whitey/self-loathing club via MSM.
TRANS-MENTAL - that's what I'm calling it. Keep kids away from Hollywood, TV, social media, and the music industry.

Oh look...another RACIST black. It's NOT likely schizophrenia, it's likely the "Hate Whitey" agenda run amok! (article)
Apparently he was also annoyed that his brother was killed during a robbery. Killed by a BLACK MAN!
This is NOT BEING REPORTED in the US national "Marxist" media - I can't imagine why (sarcasm).
It would be a horror (to our dumb programmers) if it slipped-out that EVERYONE has the capacity for RACISM!

Of course, racism exist, but this elite sponsored, and pre-packaged Marxist/Liberal-based victimhood, and shaming-based MONSTROSITY that the MSM tires to sell - IS CERTAINLY NOT IT. Not even close.

Oh, and Hollywood's #metoo etc. What a pile of unadulterated STEAMING EXCREMENT!
Simply put - #metoo is a cynical industry attempt at damage limitation - hence all the industry whore patronage.
Jewish Hollywood IS built on a paedophile, sexual exploitation, and rape culture. The industry CANNOT clean itself up.
This is ALL you need to know. All these "black dress" wearing Hollywood whores are HYPOCRITES, and of the worst kind.
Those that frequent and support Hollywood ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM. It needs burning to the ground. The End. :)
Lawrence is nothing but a "paid whore" - she is TALENTLESS and can barely act, not that that is any barrier to progress - you understand. She rode Weinstein's cock and ALL THE WAY, she's just one of a number from his "harem".
Without servicing Weinstein, she'd likely be "fluffing cock" on a Valley porn set!

It's Aunty TOM, Oprah...The Queen of Simpletons:
"Ooh, Sidney Poitier...blub, blub." She only looked-out for black actors growing up - RACIST COW.
Her gushing description of Poitier is entirely based in the superficial. I'm sorry, but garnering respect from a room-full of Academy degenerates and their minions is a virtually meaningless event from my own POV. I'd say that about anyone receiving an award. I couldn't care less about any of them, they don't define my reality. Anyway, the WRITERS are everything in drama - the (self-centred, neurotic, degenerate) actors are just mere tools for those words. It's JUST FUCKING "MAKE BELIEVE" YOU TWAT!
Poitier wasn't curing cancer, saving the world etc.
I FUCKING LOATHE Oprah - and ALWAYS have. She represents EVERYTHING that is wrong in US culture.
She may live (and have lived) in AWE of mediocre Hollywood output/propaganda, others are free from such afflictions.
She has always been an asset of the SICK ZIONIST HOLLYWOOD JEWS - from Spielberg to Weinstein. Minority bedfellows.
Whoever wrote that Globes speech (it wasn't her) should be making (schmaltz drenched) corporate charity ads.
How fucking insane are these people? They're off the scale. Jews were taking the piss when they promoted her!
Remember folks - Hollywood Jews created 'Blackface Cinema' - something they (and their assets) like to keep quiet about!
Hollywood Jews and Afro-Americans - using (self imposed) victimhood, faux racism, promoting white guilt, etc -
to silence the white majority. Those who do not bend to the Marxist/Liberal Left programme are rinsed-out.
A lying sack of (lesbian) SHIT. The mother of MSM hypocrites. She knew about Weinstein, the entire industry did.
The Color Purple = hetero-relationship hatred - posing as a film. Everything they do is MINORITY based propaganda.
The Liberal (Zionist Jew owned) Marxist Left - and their Weinstein/Hollywood Love-Fest.
Zionist Jew Soros is behind Black Lives (Don't) Matter - that's why you NEVER hear "Oscars So Yiddish!" from Afro-Americans
- only "Hate Whitey" bullshit! It's because they are ALL OWNED by Hollywood Jews - their SLAVE MASTERS!
Lying lesbian and (Jew created) agitator Oprah, and Meryl "POS" Streep are the queens of them all!
These women like Lawrence, push themselves as disposable industry sex objects (in exchange for fame) - and then pretend that they can change SICK Hollywood, when caught out. They also claim to represent female empowerment? How fucking embarrassing. They represent the exact opposite - their version of feminism (aka cultural Marxist feminism) is ultimately designed by JEWISH INDUSTRY MALES - how tragic. The Jewish-centric entertainment industry also OWNS "US pornography" - the other side of the Valley. That said, there is no divide in the Valley anymore, it's all morphed into one giant cesspit - Hollywood is pornography/degeneracy! Now you know why acting like strippers and whores is (mistakenly) seen as female empowerment - it's MALE DESIGNED from the top down! I'm literally astounded by the pressure being put on young girls. It's warped US popular culture that is primarily the drive behind it.


Zionist Jew "full spectrum media dominance" has ROTTED the US mass mind via degenerate programming - that is how they ROT the host. It would be funny if it were not so tragic. These same entertainment goons are also used to promote mass self loathing (via the inadequacy lie, impossible imagery etc) and promote "mass plastic surgery" as the cure - it's ALL BULLSHIT. It's the same sort of dumb mentality that is observed in the so-called (whorish) music industry. Act and look like ready-made whores and then say it's "all for female empowerment". Most of them have NO TALENT either - hence the slide into mass whoredom. Popularity is in no way a gauge for quality - dumbing-down and degeneracy have seen to that. The masses should've REJECTED this wanton degeneracy - not goddamn well embraced it!

Anyway, Trump won the US election for one simple reason - HE WAS NOT HILLARY "ROTTEN BITCH" CLINTON.
That is ALL that there is to it - and ALL that there will ever be. This doesn't make him the ideal choice - I'm merely stating the bleedin' obvious! If it cannot be demonstrated how VOTER BEHAVIOUR was influenced - then it is ALL MEANINGLESS BULLSHIT!

UK Readers
Are you all busy watching Cowell shows, soap operas, social media, BBC, Sky, and degenerate TV?
I get MORE readers from Italy, France, Russia, and USA - than I do from the DUMBED-DOWN UK!
Three of these nations don't even have English as their first language (thank you Italy, France, and Russia).
That said, I am not surprised. Sick US popular culture dominates the UK, and they lap it up like Pavlov's dogs.
The UK is under the spell of the sick "cult of celebrity". At least I've got the BALLS to criticise this degenerate UK nation.
The UK masses have NEVER been so DUMB - they'd win any Olympic events in respect of dumbing-down!
If the UK had any semblance of intelligence - I wouldn't have just witnessed the wanton destruction of UK PLC over the last few decades - and all underwritten by the dense UK electorate!
Shame on you, UK citizens. Get your goddamn SHIT TOGETHER - you mind bombed fools! :)
I don't call the UK electorate the most "apathetic" and "establishment compliant" for nothing - I say it because it's TRUE.
Only a completely degenerated shit-hole would still have a (sick) Monarchy in 2018.
The Windsor family underpin the entire establishment class in the UK - they are criminals too (see Windsor/Savile).
I don't say this for fun or from just behind a keyboard - I would say all of what I write to their faces.

Sorry to be this hard on you UK readers, but I'm as pissed about all this shit as anyone - we've been royally fucked!
Corbyn's Marxist Labour have now done a U-turn on Brexit - they want the customs union (OWNED).
It could well be that another General Election scenario develops out of all this mess now. We'll have to see.
What a political shit house the UK really is. Democracy isn't just dead, it's been buried too.

Compare my thoughts - very soon after the Brexit vote . June/July 2016, and compare with what has transpired!
This was all written BEFORE "remainer puppet" May was even installed as Prime Minister...
Of course, a few crazy things happened in the interim - the out of the blue General Election, Farage departing etc.
My current belief is that May (or whoever oversees this) will find a way for the UK to both be "out" and "in" - at the same time.
Effectively, you'll be left with the WORST OF BOTH WORLDS. Even worse than BEFORE the EU vote.
That is very likely what will transpire. They WILL NOT stop mass immigration (if you're wondering) - and you can BANK THAT.

The electorate had the chance to vote for UKIP, (deserting them in 2017) and putting ALL of their faith in the traditional parties instead - Tory and Labour. The same parties that have systematically destroyed the UK for decades. Admittedly, UKIP has been a shadow of its former self, but without that 'anti-EU pressure' the established parties have been able to make hay. Tory supporters have bought in to Remainer May's "Brexit means Brexit" (bullshit), whereas Corbyn's promise to uphold the electorate's wishes has now been "sold out" (see customs union). If Corbyn (and Tory rebels) can force another General Election - there won't be an alternative choice (unless May moves aside). It'll be either Remain-centric Tory (under her) or Remain-centric Labour. There really IS NO LIMIT to the stupidity of the masses - and what luck for our elite controllers. I can't say I'm surprised though, I knew what these loons were like long before any vote scenario. Just as I know what the electorate are like too.

See below. This was before my account was CLOSED by the (Nazi) Daily "1%" Mail.
I was tearing their establishment-based propaganda to shreds (which is easily done), so they SHUT ME DOWN.
65.7% voted TO LEAVE in Stoke-On-Trent. Yet this same (DUMB) constituency elected REMAIN (Marxist) Labour?
There IS NO LIMIT to the electorate's insanity - none whatsoever. I told them it would come back to haunt them - & it has!
Dumb Northern Tories (wtf?) splitting the vote and allowing REMAIN Labour in, scuppering UKIP.
Outsmarted by Labour and the Tories, as usual. Oh look, there's my take on "free movement" too - where's my prize? ;)
The sort of "free movement" that has destroyed indigenous earning power in places like Stoke (cough, cough).

Clearly, Brexit Farage has had a hand to play in the ongoing developments, albeit somewhat indirectly. His UKIP departure (leaving a vacuum, both on the stage and in respect of his party) has helped pave the way for Tory and Labour, both of whom are beholden to the EU. It remains to be seen if Farage will return to the arena, if he does then it's a potential big game changer. If UKIP had still been under Farage (up to this point), I think the electorate that voted "out/leave" would now be flocking to them in their droves. This is why I think that both the electorate and UKIP have scored a bit of an "own goal" over all this (to put it mildly), but it is was it is.

UK Wrecking May's 2017 Manifesto and GE
I hate to say "I told you so", but I did tell you so.
The Daily Fail - spinning yarns about "globalist stooge and REMAINER" May.
Where was the outrage? The sheep just nodded!
"They'll foul up Brexit too." Wow, I'd never have GUESSED.

UK Readers

I asked for more readers from the UK, the numbers were starting to slip. Behind USA, France, Italy, & only just ahead of Russia.
Anyway...loads more of you have now shown up in the last week. I don't know how, but it's good news.
Well played, my (beleaguered) countrymen.

My Italian election prediction from the main post body (19th Feb):
Italy will be voting soon and I predict that they will now (healthily) swing to the right.
The clock is ticking on the EU. The clock is also ticking on the INSANE Marxist/Liberal ideology too!
I hate to say: "I told you so." But I did tell you so. :)
The leading pro-EU govt faction could barely muster 20% of the vote.
Are the MSM in shock, cos no-one here is!?

Ben fatto, l'Italia. Distruggi il 4 ° Reich UE. :)